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  1. "Now look! You're 20 and Tom Cruise!" *Looks into mirror that has a filter*

  2. Ugh, i wish i had that ability...ants always biting by butt...

  3. Plenty of films can be big productions and justify a theatrical release. The issue is romcom and the like. No romcom is benefitted by being on the big screen. They just aren't that kind of movie.

  4. Yeah, that makes sense...if ladies are the main source of romcom incom, then this wouldn't attract them...

  5. Not to mention it’s rated R and graphic. A rom com in the general sense is usually pg 13.

  6. It's also a Judd Apatow film, which often are R rated and have their audience.

  7. It started with Bivol. If you move up in weight and drop a decision to one of the top LHWs on the planet you're suddenly a bum. And since he didn't KO GGG that's another excuse for people to label him a bum, as if he was in there with a 40 year old Uber driver instead of Golovkin.

  8. “Couldn’t even KO the guy whose never been knocked down in 350+ ammy bouts and 40+ pro fights. Pfft what a bum.”

  9. TBF, i felt like Golovkin's face looked worse after the 2nd fight compared to this last one...

  10. Yeah, if you're a moron and only can see in black and white..which applies to quite a bit of sports fans and casuals...ugh, last Thanksgiving my brother was talking about how Floyd Mayweather was the greatest ever because of his 50-0 record...and while Floyd is DEFINITELY great, my brother doesn't know boxing at all but he somehow knew about Floy'ds 50-0 record...and then i did have to bring up some people named Sugar and Chavez...

  11. If you can flat out stop for 30 days and not crave any alcohol but keep busy doing other stuff..than NO.

  12. Sort've. I have a friend who I consider a functional alcoholic who has successfully done a 30 day abstinence multiple times and doesn't drink everyday...and he is a good dad, does well at his job, but I definitely would say he has substance abuse issues...The other issues some alcoholics stop for 30 days to prove they're not alcoholics and then when they start drinking it hits harder...it depends on the person.

  13. Well I always used to smoke weed and I've pretty much replaced one for the other now.

  14. I replaced weed with alcohol once I got my first real job after college. It started slowly with just a few drinks a night but a few years later got worse..not as bad as it could get, but still, definitely taxing on health and motivation. The real issue is having to drink EVERY night versus on some nights (with caution to become a binge drinking or having that spiral back into every night.) There are so many variables but it's fun to relax but also, drugs do also put you into a spiral of not getting things done and being okay with not getting things done...There's no easy answer cause I also don't believe in complete abstinence of all substances either...

  15. "What are you gonna do? Stab me?" - person who got stabbed

  16. "What are you gonna do? Lick the inside of my ear?" - person who got the inside of their ear licked

  17. Lol, the same people that didn't like my comment didn't like your comment. Some people are just so sexually repressed these days...

  18. He’s mad at canelo for not stopping Golovkin , as if ggg is some cab driver or something. But ward went 12 rounds constantly with cab drivers like Alexander brand

  19. I thought Canelo looked worse in this one than the 2nd fight.

  20. Cm you explain what Canelo didn't do that he did in the 2nd fight that made him look worse?

  21. I'd have to rewatch it...but considering Golovkin looked notieably slower, which is to be expected, Canelo should have looked more dominate. Comparing Golovkin's face after the 2nd fight to the 3rd, he looked more banged up after the 2nd fight. Canelo just didn't feel as explosive or something. Again, I'd have to rewatch at least a couple rounds of the 2nd and 3rd fight over to give some specifics.

  22. I doubt the analytic problem claim. This is a man who suggested terraformong mars by nuking it, then confirmed he wasnt joking, then had to have actual planetary scientists explain why thats fucking insane.

  23. Safety laws/traffic laws as well, which can result in fatalities.

  24. Man i was coming in here with the main thought on my mind veing "theres no way he knew it was a serial killer this has to be click bait"

  25. Even if it was just domestic abuse, how do you send the victim back to the abuser's home!?

  26. Idk I thought drunk people normally act like this. At least that’s what I observed

  27. Depends on the type of drunk. Usually it takes people a lot more drinks to act the way you're describing.

  28. What gives it away that maybe we don’t mix well? (Y’all just love to downvote don’t you?)

  29. Could just be genetics. For whatever reason, getting wasted off two drinks is unusual, and you seem really lucky that all those guys said no to you or that you weren't assaulted...I would definitely quit.

  30. Sorry - You are wrong. Garret is a well known high stakes crusher. He’s a top player. She’s an unknown who is playing way above her level.

  31. Okay, I hadn't heard of either of them before this video, and a quick search seemed to suggest they were both regulars at this level. By the point where she calls his all in on the turn, they're basically 50/50 and there's already money in the pot to make up for that 6% she's behind. Would definitely love to hear Ivey's thought as he was at the table. It's definitely possible she has skills but has erratic tendencies or whatever, curious to see what results from this cause it seems to have gotten a lot of mainstream attention. Could be she just got fed up and made a semi-calculated emotional decision. Of course, in the long run, this'll hurt her wins if she does this regularly or maybe she was just super annoyed at this guy and said screw it. Curious to see the full game.

  32. Not really sure where your stance is coming from...like you're super good or something?

  33. A lot of things on Amazon aren't cheaper. The 3rd party selling it often needs to mark it up to make some profit.

  34. And if it happens under the convention center.... this is a fun vid if you haven't seen it.

  35. Yeah as if building a metro tunnel where cars drive through would make any sense.

  36. This guy has a great 4 part series criticizing Elon. This short one is focused on the Hyperloop.

  37. Initially the speed limit was 45. Back then we still felt it was important to make highways scenic and leisurely to drive, so that’s why it has so many curves.

  38. They also didn't quite know what they were doing and those curves aren't graded properly. I also heard it was originally a veloway.

  39. Can confirm, I had a comment removed yesterday for not correctly saying that Greg Abbott is a little piss baby and I'm glad to rectify the fact that I didn't say Greg Abbott is a little piss baby by definitively stating now that Greg Abbott is a little piss baby.

  40. Same, so I quickly rectified the post by adding Greg Abbott is a little piss baby. It's good to obey the law and just comply.

  41. They were one of my favorite birds in the guide to birds books i read as a kid and was super bummed they didn't live in my area. We only had stupid, ugly scrub jays. I've still never seen a blue jay with a full crest.... :/

  42. I dont see how its annoying but many people agree with your stance so ill try not to do that

  43. To explain, I personally would do what she's doing just cause it doesn't matter time-wise, but I don't because I get self-conscious. I don't immediately move when the person in front of me moves, but once there's enough space or time has passed since the person in front of me moved, I move. Psychologically though, if you're in a line and it's not moving, it feels so much longer and you're brain will trigger a "hey why haven't me moved in x minutes, is there an issue?", and if you're behind her and notice she's not moving, even if you know it doesn't make a difference when you actually reach the front, you then just become very aware of her and her non-movement, which makes time feel even slower because now you're just actively thinking about it. The passing of time and its speed is based greatly on perception...

  44. Would you be pissed off if someone decided to get in front of you?

  45. Alrite, well i replied to your other reply. Kinda fun that i think we're arguing multiple sides?

  46. Everything that fat fucking Nazi says is a lie. It's just when he's called on it that he says he was only joking. Which, of course, is also a lie.

  47. To which, Trump said he never jokes (during the pandemic)...so it's all lies or ignorance.

  48. To which, Trump said he never jokes (during the pandemic)...so it's all lies or ignorance.

  49. So all the priests that touch kids...are they like...democrats or republican leaning?

  50. Fuck if I know! I'm not a scientist, I'm an artist. I'm just suffering from the condition. It's a doctors job to know, treat me and treat me like a human being.

  51. Yeah, ask me about color theory or art history I'm golden! If I was good at science I would have been a scientist lol

  52. Okay, so how do modern pigments tint compared to the cobalts and cadmiums of impressionist times!?

  53. He nailed part of this. Of course I’ve gotten older as we all do and I’ve become more mature, but, it seems pretty obvious to me that in the past, many movies targeted mature, smart adult audiences and treated the audience as smarter people. These days it seems they’ve lowered the target audience and assumed the viewer isn’t as smart.

  54. There are still good movies coming out, but they aren't the blockbusters that get talked about that make $500 million. If you listen to Film Week (a radio show) every week, they review a bunch of movies you would probably never have heard about. Definitely worth listening to. And it's funny when you have this 50 year old film critic giving a good review on some crazy-plot anime movie!

  55. Yeah but weird he used Stalone and Schwarzenegger in his example because they were movies also for 16 year olds (China wasn't a thing yet)

  56. Yeah, he seems to have completely oversimplified things and completely ignores all the indie/more experimental/non-action movies that are coming out every month that don't fit what he's trying to say. And people still go to see a "Brad Pitt" movie or "Leonardo Dicaprio" movie....or a "Matt Damon" movie...

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