1. Keepers are clearly intelligent, they maintain and repair the citadel.

  2. Downvote this comment if you don't understand irony in the slightest.

  3. I think you are misremembering. I wrote a college paper on Snowden when it was first released. I can tell you the people in my class had certainly not heard that the Gov was spying on Citizens. Check out this article from 2013, soon after the Snowden release. Obama is still denying that it ever happened. “There is no spying on Americans,” Obama.

  4. I think your not really understanding how narratives can change. Sure in 2006 the dems were questioning the program, somewhat. They could question it because they were not in power at the time, the republicans were, but once the power changed, the narrative changed, which is what you see from the 2013 article. You said you were young when it happened. Give it another 20 years and you will see how narratives change like this when power goes from one party to another.

  5. Fuck off, you're trying to be dismissive because I showed evidence that you're wrong and that upset you so you're like "you're too young" (I'm 30)

  6. Eh... Look, classified is a pain in the ass. People make mistakes, intent matters and how you respond when you realize you fucked up matters.

  7. The old ones were very East Tennessee, I liked them a lot. Much of the state though is not in the mountains, I wonder if that's why we have the ugly ones now.

  8. The key is to always have positive recharge bonus when it comes to weight capacity

  9. Or drop the AR entirely because you are a long range projectile 🤷‍♂️

  10. Just read rules and flow chart again, neither starting "It's not a design that makes it difficult for the customer to not spend money, it doesn't force the customer into a shitty loop of not being able to complete a task"

  11. Well you misread the flow chart and you misunderstood the rules...

  12. So worker morale has no value to you, however misguided? I would have to believe this is designed to make you proud of working for Walmart therefore increasing worker morale which is a benefit to Walmart. Which puts it right in asshole design.

  13. Have I been gripping things wrong my entire life? My fingers always seem to be doing the heavy lifting and my thumb just seems to be standing there making sure it doesn't roll out.

  14. Sounds like it, my thumb does a lot of the work and my fingers do some of the work and stabilization.

  15. For what it's worth, Android ships with gestures that are all designed to be operated with a single hand, including the global "back" action.

  16. Yeah but the back action is buggy as shit in a lot of apps, I had to revert back to the navigation buttons.

  17. I found out recently that after 2 years of inactivity it will auto delete, I got an email informing me my account will be deleted a couple months ago.

  18. Wells Fargo took over the bank where I had my first ever account. I’ll always remember you Wachovia.

  19. Do the suicide mission basically immediately. You can do Legion's loyalty mission first, but after that you really gotta go straight to the Omega 4 relay. Basically, save the Reaper IFF mission until the very last thing you do, do Legion's loyalty mission right afterwards, and then Suicide Mission. No Legion for basically the entire game sucks, but that's the price you pay to save everyone.

  20. You also have to send an escort during the suicide mission, in case that was not obvious to someone.

  21. So is there a limit to how many points of AC I can drop?

  22. I've yet to meet anyone that gets more than 15 that isn't upper management. Unless you're counting sick days as part of vacation. I've also met very few in the white collar world that get less than 15. 15 seems like the standard in America.

  23. They did the math, but it didn’t compute

  24. Bruh keeps posting this screenshot of an article as proof... But the article says the most active 33 volcanoes only amount to 2% of human contribution. Bruh claims he has a PhD in physics but can't read.

  25. You don't even have to worry about locking your doors in some places.

  26. My parents live in bumfuck nowhere, on acres of land, surrounded by trees. And they still lock the door to the garage. Like... Who the fuck is out here that you need to lock that door?

  27. Neither have I. I Can't imagine it to be particularly entertaining for me.

  28. It's not entertaining, that's why people bring cases of beer to pound, it's something to do to excuse getting morning drunk and maybe you get some fish out of it.

  29. They do mean petrol, and no it's not. Consider what it is. It should be so much more expensive, it's dirt cheap.

  30. No it's still too cheap for what it is, you're not understanding what is being said.

  31. I'm 99% sure that Shad in his video said that boob armour was bad/had serious faults in it. Boobs (unless huge) can fit perfectly fine whilst wearing a normal looking breastplate/cuirass.

  32. Again I'll say that Shad doesn't know everything, he's not an expert, he's been wrong before, thinks Disney is brainwashing his children to turn them gay etc.

  33. so I’ve always seen this clip but at what point of the citadel dlc do you actually have a chance to do the pull ups? Have done MULTIPLE playthroughs & just never know when exactly you get to do it.

  34. You invite James up to the apartment, have you little talk and then he runs over to the workout room and you can do them then.

  35. I mean you are commenting on a thread about a study that backs up the fact that circumcision hasn't reduced HIV transmissions in Africa. I think it is just time to admit that it is a cosmetic procedure and there isn't enough medical benefit to justify routine circumcision.

  36. Well that's not really true. It depends on your line for "medical benefit" reduction in cancer and UTI's are there.

  37. Be boy, drink poly juice potion, turn into girl, go up stairs, wait for effects to wear off, poon.

  38. pretty much everyone is too old to drink for 9 hours straight, thats not a good thing to do.

  39. Disagree, once you get old enough, put fucking whatever through your body, you've earned it, it's not like they should be behind a wheel anyway, let em enjoy something

  40. I mean, sure there are holes in my theory that I’ve been trying to work through, but you never thought how fighting biotics is much easier than it should be? I’m not saying biotics are gods (except Niftu Cal) but even low tier biotics should be posing a serious threat.

  41. You're an impressive human, you pointed out valid points on both of our sides in an Internet discourse.

  42. At least it had the best combat from the entire series.

  43. And best movement for both the character and the vehicle. And customization. And morality meter.

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