1. I've had a similar experience recently, and what I think is, yes. If you obey him. If you hear a little voice in your head telling you what you're doing is wrong, it should be heeded. We spend so long sinning and it becomes so natural we've forgotten we're even doing it.

  2. Nothing good would come to him from confirming it. I'm not surprised. In fact, this is probably expected.

  3. Donkey here. My take is that's a fold at that stack depth.

  4. Woahhh. You want to believe but then again if these things are true you don’t lol. So what is it exactly with craft recovery that kicked off the evil? An energy attached to it? A deal with the creators of the crafts? Or the realization maybe what we were taught about religion heaven isn’t true so why have morals?

  5. I'm an atheist. Lately, I've been contemplating how certain Air Force leadership believe the phenomenon is demonic in nature. My first reaction is that they're stupid and their stupid ignorance is preventing us from knowing the truth.

  6. People who are so far up their own ass at first, but later have a change of thought... they are potentially some of the best ambassadors when the time comes. Don't judge too harshly in the present, we need allies.

  7. I don't understand all the comments saying this might be planes. The way these things move and maneuver certainly doesn't resemble aircraft to me. UFOs having lights does seem odd, but I can't make sense of their maneuvers. Very fast, stop. Change directions, zip across the frame, stop, repeat. Like... what planes do that? If anything, I'd think maybe bugs, but I've never seen bugs do this kinda thing either, and the lights appear pretty distant. But who knows?

  8. The camera is moving and we have no ground reference points

  9. After further review, I believe you're right.

  10. This is a good post, and it reminds me of a show I remember watching several years ago about "sussing out the details" from this low-res photograph. I remember people mocking that idea, based on the fact that the photograph itself didn't contain enough information to ascertain much of anything... because of low-resolution limitations. But now, we have AI.

  11. I am a skeptic regarding individual accounts of sightings but a believer in the phenomenon as a whole. What can you offer to prove this isn't just the reflection of an interior light source on a glass door while filming? I'm not making accusations, but I want to be able to dismiss an obvious explanation.

  12. The last uap photo of the four - the siting description on NUFORC suggests there’s a video they sent in along with the still shots. Do you know where I can find it?

  13. If you get a copy of this video, would you mind sharing it? Report was very interesting, no idea why it wouldn't be included.

  14. This seems possible? I'm not educated enough but it sounds like we need to understand gravity better.

  15. What else are they going to do with it? Drop it off at a meat packing plant?

  16. Why is "butthole" almost always what they want?

  17. well done OP, I was hoping more would come from the Ukraine study, and it appears they are on to something.

  18. If you download the pdf, there are a couple pictures of cosmics and phantoms. Very interesting stuff. 8 pages of methodology with a few pictures as well.

  19. what idiot downvoted this, must of never tooken a statistics class in their life

  20. Why do people care about odds of the most obscure dumbest shit? See posts similar weekly. How bout finding me the odds of this actually helping your poker game ?

  21. People are curious. It's a human trait. So is being an asshole.

  22. I've been good about cleaning it out regularly over all these years. I guess wearing out? Thanks for the response

  23. I started having problems like this after my psu (power supply) turned about 7 years old. It was a PC but you could have a similar issue. Efficiency degrading over time to the point that it can no longer supply when the system demands lots of power. Issue worsened over time which is how I diagnosed the problem.

  24. Nuclear condoms! Damn, that would be a hard sell.

  25. My glowing schlong brings all the ladies to the yard.

  26. Probably my favorite aspect of this game, junk has an actual use. Food and water too, on survival.

  27. I really love the base building aspect, especially the turrets. And robots. I'm shit at designing buildings but can shoot the shit out of stuff with enough turrets and robots.

  28. I've noticed the outer edge of atmosphere you can see from space tends to be the color the sky will be once you enter the atmosphere. Usually, anyway. There might be exceptions.

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