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  1. Hey Americans, doesn’t all the fearmongering get exhausting for you? “Be afraid of China. Now be afraid of Russia. Now be afraid of Muslims. Now be afraid of Black people. Now be afraid of Latinos. Now China again.”

  2. Yet despite our political failings and idiotic voter base and gun policy and all…we’re still bigger and better than wherever you’re from

  3. Nothing abnormal, but it's uncommon for sure. Do you call people out on upvoting

  4. I was talking about black Russian (uncommon) priest (twice as uncommon). I haven't said anything about Black/African priests at all, I have no idea why you took it that way.

  5. I'm glad they added that last panel I genuinely didn't know what that word meant and it saved me a google.

  6. It’s a word in English too, but only in medical contexts.

  7. Kirk was not a womanizer, but he somehow always ends up kissing the woman of the week anyway.

  8. The real “always the same map” is that so much of the non-western world is portrayed incorrectly.

  9. Come the election year they will pivot to full-throated support for his election campaign.

  10. Saying one good thing about Trump doesn’t mean we’re “pro-Trump”. The world isn’t so black-and-white.

  11. This the same guy who had to be talked down from nuking a hurricane?

  12. Yeah, same guy. You don’t have to be smart to be anti-war. I think most people would be anti-war if they suddenly became president.

  13. I really thought he was a WWI Captain until I read further because of the swagger stick. Your theory is as good as I’ve read.

  14. I also assumed he was from WWI. I didn't realize he was from WWII until he spoke about listening to the Queen's Christmas message on the radio. (Or should I say wireless?)

  15. From what I can remember they couldn't find anyone until they found Humphrey accidentally decapitated. So I suspect she got away.

  16. Also, from what we hear in the documentary, it seems that history believes Humphrey was the plotter, not his wife.

  17. Matt Gaetz is growing a beard to make his five head less prominent. LMAO!

  18. The patchy beard makes him look even more like a paedophile.

  19. Fucking Aubrey. He will forever be Wheelchair Jimmy in my mind.

  20. He’s from Forest Hill, a wealthy Jewish neighborhood in Toronto. I know people who went to school with him.

  21. The weird part is that he's holding his pecker like a hand gun.

  22. I think he’s holding it in place so it doesn’t flop around during the moulding process.

  23. Yes, and you got so angry you began to insult me and try to paint me as insensitive. People can express opinions, you don't need to go off, you should look at how you behaved.

  24. Sexually harassing colleagues but no one cares about that apparently

  25. Also, no one cares about him mocking Asians, because that’s okay in America.

  26. Where’s your source for all of Donbas being captured?

  27. Russia doesn’t have all of the Donbas region. They have most of it.

  28. In the first day of my Calc 2 class the professor drew out a diagram on the board of a "waykter" going in a certain direction. I had no idea what she was talking about, and thought maybe she meant a waiter as some real world example of whatever she was trying to teach? I was genuinely so confused when she kept this going for the entire first week of class before I finally realized that "waykter" was how she pronounced "vector".

  29. I mean it is over 5000 years though? Google "chaturanga"

  30. The Buddhist vinaya forbids monks from playing games on boards of eight rows. If that’s a reference to Chaturanga, it would probably make Chaturanga at least 2600 years old.

  31. What have you done to reject your own Western given privilege today, Blurst?

  32. If you go around supporting Russia's invasion on a public forum, you will get called out for your right wing bullshit.

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