1. One of the worst things to ever happen to me was breaking 100. It occurred in my feeble brain that I was now entitled to breaking 100. The game got.... Frustrating for awhile. Now I keep score with martini glasses (good hole) and lightning bolts (bad hole)

  2. Just leave it up there in case the next one needs spare parts

  3. Quite a few years ago, I was FaceTiming my parents, cooking paneer butter masala and having a beer. At the end I thought I had a curry to be proud of. And my father, himself no slouch at cooking, asked - “But, why does it look like mud?”

  4. Idk I like thick gravy. I make poutine at home occasionally and I like my gravy like glue, salty, delicious Umami glue

  5. I do agree that good food is chiefly about nourishment of body. Which mainly comes from personal preferences and the experiences that make us who we are.

  6. It's not wrong, at all. Just different and that's aok with me.

  7. That's a gorgeous piece of glass what/who is that?

  8. While eating steak and creb 🦀

  9. I like how you pulled a random year out of your ass too. We put things in our ass in this sub.. we don't pull out.

  10. It's only an obstacle as long as you don't see it as a target

  11. That main event was fucking incredible. As good as it gets. When wrestling gets it right it's impossible to beat.

  12. The doctor pointing is the best oart

  13. Wtf? Manufacturers eating cost of business instead of forcing added cost on to their beholden customers? Genius concept. This really needs to be adopted worldwide in a number of different sectors, like immediately.

  14. That's either a magnum sized sub or a irl downloaded hoagie from the online

  15. Push to next year and load up on linemen

  16. Dragon age inquisition, just started it and it's actually quite deep and fun, cool mechanics, fun game play.

  17. Some days. Especially when a particularly cute kidsarefuckingstupid post pops up

  18. Am I allowed to say cunt in this sub?

  19. Widespread, obvious institutional financial crimes stemming from unregulated wall street hedge funds

  20. The problem is, in situations like this, the words said are generally not the words heard.

  21. I think stroud gonna be 1st qb gone, Levis is a terrifying prospect imo I hope he hits, seems like a nice enough guy whatever, but let him do it in Detroit or Atlanta or Carolina

  22. Honestly? If they did something with Hobbs I'd be more inclined to watch. I watched that dude dominate YouTube and the crowds then they brought him to Wednesdays, fucked with his gimmick, dropped that after it didn't work and now he's in wrestling purgatory hell. Hibbs got done dirty, that dude could've been yuge. They should've just let him stay a dgaf say nothing baby face cold-blooded killer

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