I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

  1. Because they got insanely high potency results on their labs and couldn’t wait to get it out to the custies! Quality means nothing if you got numbers 😩

  2. Where’d you score the individual trellis setup? Brand? Looks like what I need!

  3. Y Griega x Snowman is the Cookies one. And actually The Glove was originally introduced as "Gary Peyton". I believe the Cookies one was a collab of sorts with Powerzz Up genetics. Evidently there is also another one by Fire Bros genetics that is popular and is Gary Peyton x Cali Sunset #20. Edit: I was corrected: Cookies one is GP x Jealousy and their GP is Y Griega x Snowman. The rest of what I typed is correct though.

  4. No man, cookies has the glove too… it’s GP x Jealousy

  5. Exactly. That would concern me. It was less than 1500 from passing when it was TESTED. That was 11 days ago.

  6. I’ll take “Moldy Klutch Weed” for $1000 Alex…

  7. Mine remain dry on the top few inches. Unless you roots up, there it should be dry

  8. Yes exactly. No partnership whatsoever is referenced in the news release. It says Cresco and Columbia care are selling off licenses in MA, IL and NY. Nothing to do with Ohio either.

  9. He’s a klutch schill. Check his profile. He’s their photographer 😂

  10. Dude literally scrubbed all those posts from his profile. FYI, dude is terpyshots on IG and a klutch photographer schill

  11. Anyone else kinda disappointed??:( Klutch Is my favorite but these strains don’t seem very good to me. I like og strains and wish they’d grow some of those instead. Who knows tho! I could end up loving them

  12. Same. Heat locker was meh and now more of it. The grape gas cross has potential though

  13. Looks good. Watch for herms. The last 4 out of 10 I got from them hermed.

  14. I’d be checking my grow vs questioning the breeder if I had that many herms.

  15. All certified buds are small 😂, so yeah, I’d definitely get the smalls

  16. I’m gonna go with …. That didn’t answer my question! 😂 🤡

  17. Starlight mints… rosin style. A thing of beauty right there

  18. Most companies have several brands. They usually represent a “good, better, best” with some points of differentiation between brands. One might be a solventless lineup while the other is BHO, for example.

  19. Cuz they “clean” their weed and people don’t understand that process

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