I have this hobby of combining 3D printing and stop-motion animation. I hope you enjoy and let me know your favorite.

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  1. Apart from the fact that it doesn't work on a large scale

  2. Americans love french fries, cheese, and gravy, but poutine never took off south of the border. Always found that odd.

  3. As a Canadian, I believe poutine is highly overrated

  4. Never done one of those. Do you have grabbers, bags, gloves for everyone? How many people are going to do it? I’d see if there is a bingo card maker website to make the bingo cards.

  5. I don't have a great answer for you as a non-parent.. but I recently followed foster.parenting on IG and they seem to take a great approach to this stuff. Instead of causing a confrontation about hidden food items in their bedrooms they offered a plastic container for a solution filled with good stuff in it. Instead of making it a no-no they provided a safe place and communication

  6. For anyone who doesn’t like the bar scene. Knox Brew Hub has excellent choices for Non Alcoholic ranging from seltzer, N.A. beer, and cbd beverages. It’s not outdoorsy but a good hang for N.A. options with zero pressure. They also host chess clubs, soccer games, titans games, and emo acoustic nights, piano bar nights, and music bingo. Cheers!

  7. What's the name of the music bingo show? Do they give away prizes? We have free show listings on our website for music bingo hosts:

  8. Seems wasteful. Is the end product "value added" with the time and materials?

  9. Hey if you check the website I posted it has all the places and times for both trivia and music bingo. We do give prizes, typically $10-$15 gift cards to the bar, for the winner of each round. We normally do 4 rounds

  10. I've done most of the things mentioned in other comments, but find that a left-open ironing board is superior

  11. Fun fact: different cultures have different generational gaps

  12. Amen. My first instinct is to smash the guitar.

  13. Yes. Consider shrinkflation in the form of undernourished hens

  14. tldr; Bitcoin closed above $23,500 for the first time since the Wall Street open on February 3. The cryptocurrency's price action has developed beautifully off its lows, mimicking the bottom formation that preceded its last impulse from 10k-60k+. However, some traders are concerned about a turnaround in the fortunes of the dollar.

  15. It's great except for the prices, and traffic, and people.

  16. Hahah prices traffic and….. people. So lone wolf destination for sure

  17. There's a lot of disparity. A bunch of old conservatives with money at their yacht club. And 100 homeless sleeping in front of it, whom they pretend not to notice 🤷‍♂️ Kamloops is better, but less water amenities

  18. We can't afford the retirement life set out before us... That isn't the only option. Become a minimalist and think outside the box.

  19. Correct. That got me... How dumb was it though?

  20. OP, I am not an educator, but I taught my daughter and two of her friends to read during their 3-K and pre-K years. They are now in K and 1st, and they are happily reading 2nd and 3rd grade chapter books.

  21. Thanks for the great writeup! Here's a free bingo card generator if anyone needs one:

  22. Cyclist should get the info of the person standing there and civilly sue them for negligence resulting in bodily harm. Idiots need to be held financially accountable for their stupidity.

  23. What if it was a deer, would you sue the deer?

  24. tldr; Bitcoin has fallen from 90-day highs of $21,564 to $20,695 on Thursday, a sign that the digital asset has become overbought after a stunning rally to start the year. The crypto markets weren't alone, with global stocks also taking a tumble amid renewed fears that a recession is just around the corner.

  25. I love when people say a recession is coming, like, so far into the recession.. lmao

  26. I'm fine with the grudge... But drawing attention to your beef draws the opposite results. Clint, on the other hand, looking fly af.

  27. It took me 2 months to make this one card. I couldn't imagine trying to come up with things to fill multiple cards.

  28. I’ll make some tomorrow with the generator. Wanna make a sub? Get some other folks to jump in and play?

  29. You don't need to come up with more, just punch your answers into this

  30. You can't have a result before the context..

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