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  1. Travis Homer. Hes basically Nyheim Hines light for Seattle.

  2. Bye week /injury hell. Starting Eno, homer at rb and Mitchell at TE. Hail Mary, full of grace.

  3. They’re assholes for not trading him. He was a starting caliber back and by the time he’s finally on another team he prob won’t be anymore. Fuck the Browns, I swear they just want him to suffer

  4. Browns were the only ones that gave him a shot after he got cut. Or has that already been forgotten? He wasn't far from being an afterthought from a dumb decision. He's lucky to have what he's had.

  5. Kraft massages, Jerry glory holes... same result may get suspended a few games as the world turns. Nothing really changes

  6. well, crowder is done and will never be a bill again. mckenzie is signed what... next year, 4 million? not exactly a huge impediment here.

  7. It took 2 years to give Davis the starting job. This was despite producing when forced into the lineup. Dont see them depleting cheap wr depth unless he becomes a problem.

  8. Screw this. If Sling wants customers to stand on their side in this fight, then we deserved a warning about what was coming. Instead, I tried to open up a huge game only to find that ESPN isn't even on the platform. Sling is showing through their actions here that they don't give a damn about customers any more than Disney does. They only care about their bottom line, which is why they kept this a secret.

  9. What got me is in the email sling said and I quote "We apologize as we know this seems sudden." Fucking right as customers it was completely out of the blue. Then that bs peace offering access to other services. Offer refunds for the lost channels instead of having us pay for services not rendered.

  10. No Jalon Daniels or Malik Cunningham but still pushing Rattler on us. I may be high on Cunningham but there is no denying his wheels. Rattler is just bad living off of previous hype.

  11. Down 35.54 they have Goedert, I have J Jeff and Hurts. Going to come down to the wire.

  12. Need the to stop passing to him so I can get him later in my drafts

  13. Jerome Ford looks great again and I again get downvoted to hell for even suggesting he might be ahead of D'Ernest on the depth chart

  14. Nah, it was prob also, siege tower and maybe testudo along with gryphon

  15. Had a game earlier i thought I'd win except most of the game i had 2 card locked. Truely frustrating.

  16. Cloud gate is a good card to pair with silver, and it shouldnt be to hard to trade for

  17. Thought about seeking that card out. Canada Lynx rat King and pride flag seem to feel a little out of place. Mostly trying to work with what I got.

  18. Tyler Badie. He's kinda buried at the moment and a bit undersized. What he did to the sec last year is hard to ignore. Long shot sure. Interesting if the stars align.

  19. I’m a Mizzou alum and got to watch Badie for his first couple of years. He’s got juice. I really think he could have shined in a place like the 49ers or as a 3rd down back somewhere pass-happy. Lots of bodies in the Baltimore backfield rn

  20. Agreed on the bodies. Several are coming off major injuries and/or getting up there in age for rb standards. The way the ravens are built this year losing brown, not adding wrs but instead multiple te's. Im intrigued as to the ravens gamelan for next season and their utilization of rbs. The possibility of him coming out of nowhere like mitchell did last year is not out of the realm of possibilities. Long shot sure. So was mitchell.

  21. I like Cunningham's chances to move up this list. He hasn't had the greatest talent around him, seemed like wr drops hindered his production, and he still at times willed his team almost single handedly into games. Even if he doesn't become a NFL starter he is a fun guy to root for.

  22. Benjamin was actually viable for a couple of seasons. Harry still ain't done nothing.

  23. 2 actually. Year 1 1008 and 9. Year 2 nothing. Year 3 941 and 7. Nothing truly spectacular but still miles ahead of Harry.

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