1. No wonder the industry’s a dumpster fire with tweed and Hexo making all the kindling. Bunch of clowns.

  2. So I split a half ounce with a buddy of mine and this stuff is so hard to work with it reminds me of the shatter that unless it's in the fridge it turns into complete tacky I guess if you're hitting bongs or dab it's fine but for myself trying to put it in a joint in the nightmare

  3. Speaking to the tackiness Issue, you can blend in a little bit of a drier hash to balance it out and make it easier to work with.

  4. Probably just decent sift or pressed bubble that greased up, didn’t cure long (or at all) or combination of both. Plenty of fire genetics make hash that looks like that, but you can get the same from shitty trim too. Truth is in the smoke and sounds like you had a successful combustion test 😶‍🌫️😎

  5. I try to save and dump it into the outdoor flower garden before spring. We have a lot of clay in our area so figure the more micro-goodies I can add to the garden bed the better.

  6. Can't wait to try this, maybe.. just MAYYBE.... this will replace Vortex ABH or come close?

  7. This pretty much has the same texture. I have been smoking vortex, B&H and vortex/B&H blend for the past couple weeks. This wont replace vortex but is a nice alternative as you still “feel” it but the high has more layers to it I feel

  8. naw, a lot of hash was historically super low thc and stuff like real red lebanese would have been cbd dominant very low thc

  9. Quebec will be very happy with this one!

  10. The waxes and lipis help make a protective layer on the outside. Did the aroma mellow or intensify? Looks wonderful

  11. Thats as good a reply as you can get! Nice to see they can maneuver through the med-platform to actually send product!

  12. Can always count on Hexo to be below the stated weight on the package. And their hash has gone downhill.

  13. For real …. I don’t know if I can say they even made it up the hill to begin with lol! I got some in the very beginning of the initial hash product drops and it was ok … it gave me a better option than the local guy who had subpar trim hash but still made me turn to legacy if I wanted anything good quality

  14. Speaking of snaking, I got the Vortex Alaskan TF temple ball and it’s super gooey, so last night I scooped out a blob and rolled it in the Poolboy bubble hash, then I rolled that into the most perfect snake and put it in a joint. It burned like a fuse lol I was thinking about that hash kettle too, it woulda been perfect for that.

  15. Lmao that is pretty much my experience with the AF! That poolboy is nice too.

  16. Looks like a momma with her hash litter babies 🔥 ….. square one must be the mail mans. Hashy Bday

  17. I’m a bit confused. It says afghan and Lebanese hash but you bought this from a dispensary in Canada. Is this real Afghan that’s been imported illegally but decriminalised for sale?(like in the Netherlands) or has it been made in like an Afghan style with weed grown in Canada. ??

  18. These are hash products from the legal canadian market (Ontario). Legal naming convention’s will often use a traditional point of origin as thats what the legacy / prelegal market knows and understands

  19. Yeah that makes sense. I’m so bloody envious of places with legal dispensaries. Here in UK the quality/ type of hash varies every-time I pick up. Would love to be in your position and get to experiment with different types. Plus not having to waste an afternoon sitting at home waiting for my dealer to turn up…. :(

  20. Yes definitely so different from not so long ago. You do pay a premium for legal. A 1/4 in the grey market of what they offer as good quality is about $80-$100 whereas the legal stuff is $100-$120 (you cant buy a full 1/4 yet, have buy separate 1g / 2g packages). But legal is tested, verified for THC and terps and free of pests. Hopefully they allow 7g and 14g in the future.

  21. Looks f’n wonderful 😍 any strain details?

  22. Not sure if the juice is worth the squeeze for a bubble run. Probably better to try static tech or maybe a small sift box off amazon if you want o clean it up. Ive Cannoli bottle pressed some nice kief before and it made a decent little ball (malleable enough for bt’s or snake). All depends on the quality of kief.

  23. I've made hash b4 I actually just pressed 10 gs into some really descent hash a few weeks ago..Is there a reason why it wouldn't work out I really wanted to make some bubble out of this 46% kief bc i already got bags..damn ..u know what size screens I need to get full melt

  24. Bubble just takes a fair amount of time and effort so I prefer to run larger quantities and make a day it. Dispensary kief may be from the producers trimmers, pre roll shake etc, so the trichs may be small heads or stalks that are the same size as some/most of the shredded up plant material. If theres little variation in size with the material it could end up dumping into one bag and now you just have a wet 10g of kief lol. Someone just made a post in

  25. The insta-police make it tough for some dispensaries to justify putting a lot of energy into posts. One owner I know who has a couple spots had his account taken down twice in a month for posts similar to what you had mentioned. Its hard to put creative effort into something you know has a good chance of being taken down within a day or two.

  26. Beauty shots! Framable for sure 👏

  27. Gorilla glue bubble makes me drool like Homer on a ice cold duff! Bet it smells like gas 🔥 looks great!

  28. Is that the vortex alaskan TF 2g temple ball? If it is I had the same reaction. Temple ball should hold its form at room temp at least

  29. Sorry but I have to disagree. If you have really high quality resin that was properly processed it's quite common for them to not hold shape and pancake. And even more so once it's ages.

  30. I completely agree that high quality resin can cake out and i have no issue with the quality or effect of the product …. It hits nice and I actually picked up a couple grams for the weekend and between the black and the 6-star full melt products I have give Vortex more money than I care to mention.

  31. Thank you! Happy to know it doesn’t have to be super complicated starting out. :)

  32. Like an OG Grower told me a long time ago, your not building rockets, your just growing plants 🤔🤣

  33. Haha that’s exactly what I keep thinking. Like I’ve grown herbs and other plants from seeds, shit isn’t complicated but all the stuff I’ve come across with canna seeds people seem to just over complicate it so unnecessarily.

  34. We smoke too much weed and over think it lol

  35. Beauty shot! Love being able to see all the variations throughout the trichomes 😍

  36. Like Vortex hasn’t got enough of my money 😂 now I gotta go grab this!

  37. This will be going away in the summer iirc with new AGCO rules. Any white labels currently on the market will still be allowed but will have to be phased out

  38. LP to retailer white-labelling to create things like an in-house brand will be diss-allowed and phased out. But a company or individual can still contract an LP to produce a product that can then then sell to retailer via OCS. They want on make sure the retailer and contractee are not the same or have no association.

  39. No worries, the wording in these announcements are confusing as it is when they come out then an industry publication usually saves the day and translates it all for the rest of us 😂

  40. Yeah there is some visible plant material in that block or I’ll eat my shorts.

  41. Dont eat your shorts, theres literally a tip of sugar leaf staring at us 😂 …. Maybe thats the extra 0.15

  42. I hate dry hash, like to me, that is not hash at all.

  43. Dry isn’t my fav either as its a pain to flame/soften. Thankfully juice is worth the squeeze on this one. With the exception of the review i will reserve it for the evenings due to impressive couch lock

  44. Was going to say controller or maybe to daisy chain another ballast?

  45. Here’s the kicker. I love making hash but due to work I can’t partake. I try all these different methods just to see if I can. My asshole friends love me for it lol

  46. Me too! But I do partake … friends get some too .. soemtime lol. but enjoying the journey, I want to give dry ice a go one of these days just for fun.

  47. I’m cleaning up from this mornings dry sift and setting up my washing machine for bubble now. Got a new 45 micron bag I want to try out.

  48. Nice! Happy washing to you 🙌

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