A flamethrower drone taking out a wasp nest

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  1. We all use Plugfones (earplugs that play audio) at my work in steel fabrication. Drivers etc realize eventually that nobody can hear you unless they can see you.

  2. Those look cool af! Wish I had those when I had my manufacturing job.

  3. I was thinking this would be a great logo for a t-shirt or something, and it's already been done (redbubble, if anybody wants stuff).

  4. I'm more worried about the fact that flamethrower drones exist and are just out there

  5. They're mostly (usually? only?) used for clearing power lines of debris that gets stuck up there. I watched one sizzling stuff off the lines near a friend's house once; wish I had taken pictures/videos.

  6. Generally I dislike Christmas songs, but the sound clip in

  7. If you don't mind waiting, you could check poshmark for that bag after Christmas; there's already one there for only $480, but with it being popular, I bet there will be more up later on.

  8. I was very surprised when I saw my boyfriends handwriting for the first time. It looked almost like this kids. I've noticed a lot of men just sort of say 'fuck it' and write chicken scratch like this forever.

  9. Obvs anecdotal only, but most of the guys I know with chicken scratch handwriting are either adhd (myself included) or are lefties who were forced by their schools to write as righties.

  10. Fender Mender and Breakaway Honda are my go-tos. Great people at both, great pricing.


  12. Aesthetician and derms could both push products, though ime the former does it a lot more than the latter; my derms have only ever rec'd products when I've asked for recs.

  13. I initially got a loofah to help with physical exfoliation and I was pretty diligent about it. Then I read about dry brushing and I have been doing that too. I have also been applying The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution once a day for the last couple weeks but it hasn’t helped. I would appreciate any advice to make the ingrown hairs stop :(

  14. Chill on all that physical exfoliation and go back to your normal wash/moisturize routine, you're irritating your skin. For the ingrowns, get something with salicylic acid (or keep using the glycolic, but I feel the SA works better) and dab it only on the ingrown spots. That'll decrease the redness and inflammation, and the hair should eventually pop out on its own.

  15. Just leave it in there and use it when you need it; it shouldn't go bad, though if the container you use doesn't seal tightly enough it'll lose its aromatics quickly.

  16. Swamp Rabbit Cafe or the farmer's market.

  17. I have a friend who is abnormally large due to hypothyroidism and take multiple medications for it. Despite that, she has facial hair growth and can't lose weight despite having a healthy diet. But sure, I guess you're right.

  18. Does she have pcos too? That can cause facial hair and stubborn fat for women.

  19. Call 811 and get things marked out, and please talk to your neighbor about this. Those aren't bamboo, they're willow, but that's too small a space for trees.

  20. Are the leaves on the oxalis curved or actually plump?

  21. They're permanent, but you can ask your derm about laser treatment for them.

  22. I'd send the picture to the company and ask them; they know their product best and what can happen during shipping, etc.

  23. I got one of these by accident. Wanted the planter it was in and thought it was fake, very surprised to see roots when I pulled it out! But yeah, not painted.

  24. Some TD bank locations do, and I think Spero still does as well.

  25. Pacifica lip balms most of the time, YesToWatermelon lip balm when my lips get dried out/when I'm outdoors during winter.

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