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  1. Yes, southern Brazil. Mostly elders who say it. “Vai de vereda” is actually an expression I’ve heard.

  2. "De vereda" means suddenly, directly, almost a synonym of "de repente".

  3. For me it was always everything limão. The orange one that looks like a mandarine and the green one. The first time I heard about limao siciliano was in my twenties (so a little less than ten years ago).

  4. Acabou o Hélio, serve hidrogénio?

  5. Se for menino, não pode ser Hélio. Precisa de um nome mais reativo.

  6. Every time a gringo says Columbia instead of Colombia, I fucking lose it!

  7. Found it under a shrubbery I’m guessing

  8. If it was from the first era, yes. Later there are reports of these figures were referred as Knights who say Ekke Ekke Ekke Ptang Zu Boing, and represented spirits linked to the lumbering and to the fishing of herring.

  9. "Olha lá tão desrespeitando que nem no Fortnite" - Redditor gringo que mais entende de futebol

  10. Eu quero ver é o centroavante teabagging o goleiro caído depois do gol.

  11. Solo travelling practically anywhere. I’m not a dude but I’m super envious of that! So many places I’d love to go but it’s pretty dangerous.

  12. I went to a conference in Palermo and brought my wife with me. While I was in the conference she took a walk along the beach and ended almost being kidnapped by a dude we think was a woman trafficker....

  13. Negar meio ponto é sacanagem, espero que tu diga sim

  14. In my humble opinion, it would be better with a higher contrast: lighter blue, darker green. The gold is perfect.

  15. Fucking weddings though can be awesome. It depends on who was invited.

  16. Eu estudei em escola pública, em universidade pública, fui bolsista de iniciação científica, ciência sem fronteiras, mestrado... Sempre pensei em "retribuir à sociedade" depois que me formasse.

  17. The taste isn’t bad, in my opinion. A tad different than some, i suppose, but it’s just how water always tasted to me.

  18. I remember once back in ~2011 there was an algae problem in PoA. I spent all that at the university and had to suck it up and drink at the water fountains despite the awful taste. I didn't have money to keep buying bottled water all day. I think it took one or two months for the taste to go away.

  19. Thank God for Geneseo, Kansas because I can totally believe that flag could’ve been from somewhere in Southern Brazil.

  20. The photo? Yes. My first reflex was to think "oigatê, xiru véio gaúcho!".

  21. teria que fazer pra não criar tensão entre eles

  22. Como um gaúcho, meu cérebro ainda não consegue ligar a palavra "pão francês" com o pão em si, pra mim sempre será cacetinho

  23. Como um gaúcho na França, me liguei um dia que baguette = vara, porrete, cacete. Cacetinho é uma baguette curta.

  24. Minha mulher me apresentou pãozinho delícia e eu achei um absurdo como só tem na Bahia (eu pelo menos nunca tinha ouvido falar antes e só vi lá).

  25. I can confirm, I am Brazilian and I kiss my wife like this.

  26. “His dick just went in for a second, babe”

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