1. Agreed, imagine your going for a plPR with a weight you can barely hold, and some little fuck does this...

  2. I would cut connections completely. They sound like they're taking to much energy from you, and at a long term it will not be good. Just ignore them, and look for friends with common interests. You can as well ask your boyfriend to hangout with his friends if he is cool with that( he might not be comfortable with that)

  3. They didn't liked it when I brought my hand gun to school. I personally liked it, we even played hide n seek!

  4. Knife sharpening. Perfectly valuable thing to do, but when someone calls it a hobby I slowly back away.

  5. Just because someone knows how to sharpe a knife, doesn't mean they are more likely to kill you. In fact, i think that its the opposite.

  6. Lol, thats true. I met someone who liked that stuff, and its not fun

  7. I dont get this hole concerning about not looking at the sun, I've looked at the sun many times, and nothing has happened

  8. Like, the literal translation in my language would be "o caminho leitoso", but the translation that has the same meaning is really close "via lactea"

  9. You guys cant even have fun, how sad are your lives?

  10. That's the hole point on not knowing how to cook

  11. I injured my hip, and I can't do exercise anymore. It hurts from just standing up

  12. It doesn't need much knowledge of economy to understand this. I really dont get why protestors doesn't change their way of doing things.

  13. Hi, I was wondering how can I style white chinos. I got them on my birthday, they look good quality and everything but I have no idea how to use them. Cab someone give sone advice? Im 18y at my last few months at school about to go to college, and my style looks a bit

  14. If you are 40, and have a relationship with anyone under 30, its disgusting

  15. Here in my country, there are buildings where they hire a guy to press elevators buttons

  16. What kind of ball are we talking about?

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