Echunga Dam failing

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  1. Anyone with kids in childcare would be feeling it. RSV has been rampant this winter.

  2. So just become a full time content creator to really stop enjoying the escape from the daily grind they gaming should be.

  3. Well off you go. Go grab a pump and get your butt there and fix it. Oh wait.... It's easier to be a keyboard warrior.

  4. Keyboard warrior 😂 man it's 2022 bro, this ain't no war craft. Plus I'm getting paid to fix water leaks, why do it for free.

  5. Because when other people need help that's what good people do... Help. But some people (you) can't imagine doing anything decent outside their own self centred bubble.

  6. Now this may or may not be related but the wing on the back is a rare oem option for my skyline model

  7. Front bar is a type M bar. Rear wing is the factory option on non turbo sedans. Not "rare" but I wouldn't call it common. Not many R33 sedans had many options added to them in the non turbo model because they were sold as a cheap entry level family car.

  8. Yes and no. This mark up is to be a non sellable vehicle. Usually a demo vehicle or show vehicle. Whilst yes someone could buy it for that, the intention is to make it so expensive that people won't buy it.

  9. As a blow in to SA, nothing shits me more than the insane number of drivers that don't keep left. Always some effwit in the right hand lane doing 10 ks under the limit.

  10. Spent time driving around other states and Adelaide is easily the worst for this.

  11. I think the point is they can only do it because it has been raining and their shitbox cars can't spin their wheels when it's dry.

  12. Ahhh Morphett Vale. It wouldn’t be the same without some fuck’n legend lighting up sick doughies. Unusual we didn’t get a few fly overs from the Chopper? (T)(H)(U)(G) (L)(I)(F)(E)

  13. It's raining in Morphett vale .. Nang nang nang nang all night.

  14. Lmao. Lando in the midst of the top teams with his performance with DRs equal machinery “it’s the cars performance”

  15. Considering Lando was there when the car was developed for this set of rulings, his hands on developing the car from scratch is undeniable. Ever since then it's been upgraded and changes but the core car has been the same for a few years

  16. In jet boat racing that was rather small. They would be back for next round

  17. I'll wait until a protein vax is approved for booster use, it may just be that I'm not good with mRNA as I have no issues with flu shots.

  18. What side effects have you experienced?

  19. Joint and muscle pain is pretty typical. The fatigue sounds like an immune over reaction to the vaccine. Fairly rare but super annoying for you.

  20. I'm sure you can do your own research as well and do whatever you want with the information. No one's responsible for your health.

  21. There it is!!! Why is it every time anyone who claim vaccines are some profit thing or a massive conspiracy always pull the "do your own research" card?

  22. You didn’t take a million vax and booster shots because YOU knew what was in it and believed in it.

  23. Guess who I listened to..... My wife. Now why would I do that? Well other than she is my wife she is also an infectious diseases doctor and haematologist. Funnily enough her current expertise is clinical trials.

  24. There is a private farm that would be the 46th biggest country

  25. Do they go fast enough that you have to get out of their way?

  26. They sit on about 100-120km/h. Stopping then isn't something that happens quickly. Rule of big.

  27. Americans: rb30!!! No way that would cost a fortune!

  28. Unfortunately they're going up :( cheapest I've seen lately was 300 bucks and it'd been sitting for awhile unknown condition

  29. Even $500 for an engine is cheap. I see long blocks for sale in North America for $2k. It's quite crazy

  30. Huh? How is a phone dropping to near 0 while plugged in good?

  31. Charging... In a car. Most car chargers won't have enough amp to charge a phone when it's running gps plus music etc etc

  32. Spends hundreds on a brand new phone. Doesn't get a good car charger. Blames phone. Yep, this sub is on point. It does seem like the Pro is a piece of crap, my regular 6 has been amazing.

  33. My pro has been flawless so far. Admittedly it's still very new so time will tell.

  34. 2 years we have been dealing with covid and vaccines... In 2 years your dumb ass still hasn't learnt anything about vaccines! There is no hope for some people it seems

  35. My wife and I were just talking about this yesterday! Heading rural in a 110 zone was sitting behind someone doing 70-75. Overtaking lane comes and they would speed up to 120-125 then back down after.

  36. Dear McLaren. Focus everything on next year's cars. This year's ones are terrible and look so unstable in grip areas. So far behind the pack you won't catch up.

  37. I hear you as I'm the same. Also, my doctor of 10 years who always bulk-billed, as of July 1st won't bulk bill anymore because apparently medicare hasn't raised the rebate enough. So now I have to find a new doctor...

  38. Bulk billing practices are a thing of the past. GP and specialist simply won't make money to keep their doors open with payment gaps. There seems to be some belief that a gp earns multiple 6 figures a year but in reality to make a profit you need to smash out 6 patients an hour. This means a distinct lack of quality service.

  39. Prior to today, as a member of his electorate, I considered David Spiers to be a pretty good representative, despite me being a traditional labour voter. This changes everything! Go away you tool.

  40. I'm in the same boat. Often saw him at Hallet cove shops, was always on the ball and gentlemanly. Now... Yes well...

  41. Can't see the Liberals getting in with him in charge.

  42. What's annoying is he is/was one of the best liberal leaders in a long time... Until now.

  43. Sabers have never won either, but somehow the Leafs have you both beat at 54 years! 😀

  44. At least they can claim they have won....13 of them!

  45. No kidding. For every team that wins back to back, there’s another team that hasn’t won in 50 years. A more competitive league is better for all fans.

  46. You guys have won before?? - Canucks supporter

  47. Tbh I'm enjoy that you changed the "my OCD hates how crooked they are" tip exhaust tips.

  48. Anti abortion people targeting gay people seems hilarious. Gay people are the group who aren't going to ever need or want an abortion....

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