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  1. Watch out for tight foreskin! It’s not often spoken about but it’s very common for baby boys to have tight foreskin and need intervention at some point in their lives. My son has “ballooned” due to this when he wees and now needs a medical circumsition at 1! Nothing to panic over, but something to keep an eye on that we were never told about :)

  2. Voting has concluded. Final vote:

  3. You are an ADULT. He is a CHILD. Let the poor boy do what he wants and give him some damn space

  4. bro pls I'm literally one year older??? His birthday is next month 🤨🤨🤨

  5. That doesn’t change current circumstances. Leave him alone if that’s what he wants.

  6. Hi, I main moira/mercy, as moira I get equal damage and heals eg. 11k each. I like to think I’m pretty alright and keep my team alive while doing high damage and elims but I keep getting abuse in the chat for not healing enough. My healing spray is always used up and I do the orbs too, where am I going wrong?

  7. YTA that is such a weird minute thing to be mad at him for? Your partner that you love and live with didn’t do such a small and unnecessary thing and you seriously don’t talk to him for hours?? Respect needs to go both ways, why would your partner respect you enough to “hear you out” when you didn’t even let him speak? Wow

  8. When I used epiduo I had the same problem, I just used it 2 days on followed by two days of nothing but washing my face and moisturising, then 2 days on etc etc, it helped with the peeling massively :)

  9. Not allowed to talk about that here and that isn't supposed to be in the game

  10. I thought it was just legacy, not a glitched item? My bad

  11. Heck I will ask… did you ever get your red dress?

  12. I did :) ended up trading to a friend who sorted me a red dress, tattered field, responders set and a white powder js because they wanted to help out ahah

  13. That’s awesome! I only saw this because I looked up red dress. Just got one and am trying to figure out a bundle to get my first legacy. Congrats on finishing your dress collection!

  14. Any other rare apparel/god rolls will help! I once got a QE1p assultron head 1-1 for a red dress so it definitely is possible :)

  15. Big bag of rice, add some peas and sweetcorn, bit of chili sauce, about 50p a serving.

  16. We’ve gotten used to skipping breakfast and lunch so that’s not an issue thankfully, but I’ll definitely get some tins! Thankyou

  17. Not only are you NTA, you’re also a downright badass!!

  18. If anything at all she should pay for what she uses, nothing more. If you want to charge her actual rent she will be a tenant, and therefore have the same rights as a tenant. My dad started charging me rent (more than just bills I was accumulating), so I moved out and rented elsewhere. No logical reason to rent a room in a house you have no say or real privacy in.

  19. Sounds like it.. just wanted to confirm before I start throwing offers

  20. I’ll have to wait till my friends on, he’s in American time

  21. We’ve tracked down a ZE Flamer so going to do that trade first and I’ll get back to you :)

  22. Nothing in particular. I’d prefer a rarer legacy for it though.

  23. Okay, I’m getting my hands on a ZE Flamer soon so once I’ve done that trade I’ll come back to you with what I’ve got if that’s okay?

  24. Can I switch my data from one PlayStation account to another?

  25. Yeah I can do that, I’ll be on shortly if thats pkay

  26. If your still interested my psn is TheSussiestBaka and I’ll be on in an hour or so.

  27. Sorry I actually ended up giving it to a friend, my apologies

  28. I think it’s mostly on posts with silly asks, eg. W: tse gp H: 10 crap off roll fixers. It’s hard because you can’t comment and tell people they’re asking too much without the sub banning you for trade sabotage, so people just tend to downvote instead

  29. I’m just testing the waters at the minute, seeing what i can get offered

  30. Any of the fixers or anything in my recents interest you?

  31. I could use that sturdy raider 2* uny int RL, just tagging myself in this post whilst I figure out what to offer

  32. I’m mostly looking for apparel outfits, even lower tier like BOS and whitepowder, doesn’t need to be tattered or anything like that :)

  33. I was looking for explosive plasma getling, would you like to trade?I only have a aa,40,s+1 chainsaw and Ultracite Emergency Protocol blueprint that seem rare though.

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