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BBBY Share Based Compensation Plan filed with the SEC circa 2018. The plan covers what happens in an M&A in section 4.2. It is looking promising folks!

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  1. The daily says right at the top that this is a known problem. Can’t expect the guy to do this all day for us tbh. But yes it’s annoying.

  2. We're not sure but we think we like the company

  3. Look at it this way, if there is any M/A interest from the players we know of so far, what kind of future would Harmon have if any??

  4. Still no source regardless or did something change

  5. You all sound like rabbbid trump supporters with your anti-MSM rhetoric.

  6. And I am pretty sure she will end up double the original invest

  7. Double? Pretty sure that's going 10x at least

  8. Reminder that we need 100 per share to even begin approaching sneeze levels, keep going

  9. And it wasn't good enough then, it's not good enough now. Nothings changed.

  10. I asked for proof ... not more speculation that's only going to be found in this sub.

  11. Nobody owes you proof and neither have you provided any proof for your ridiculous tinfoil claims

  12. This is the play. Did something similar but closer dated calls 1/27 and 2/3. They now have a loan payment due immediately. We will know within the next week if this is an M/A or bankruptcy. Good luck!

  13. Everyone should do like you guys, then we can go straight to zero and no need to worry about squeezing

  14. They realize the grift is over. They will create new accounts and move onto the next penny stock to pump.

  15. Sorry but your opinions are dumb and annoying

  16. Not necessary. They sold 4 million a week ago.

  17. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 where all the moonboy at

  18. We're here. How is this anything but good news?

  19. They already said it during earnings you fucking dipshit


  21. Then sell. It's literally nothing new from the earnings call.

  22. Yall say this everytime it take a hit. Its been like 35 last attempts to shake paper hands can we get a new excuse

  23. They will try until the end. Not difficult to understand.

  24. A lot of positive info but price is stagnant... theories? I thought no shorting is possible due to the low liquidity and reg sho listing...

  25. Market maker can short as much as they want if they believe the stock shouldn't go up

  26. Naked shorts don't get reported. Fuck em

  27. Is there a post / comment with ELI5 explanation of yesterday's filings and why it points to an imminent M&A?

  28. not sure how trustworthy QZ is but according to them (because I'm not sure how to access info on delisted tickers) Redbox was shorted 53% of the free float. and went from around $2 to a high of $18.

  29. $18 was not the intraday high. It surpassed $27. And I don't think there was a subreddit of 50k people holding the stock.

  30. Can you send me a website where I can see the charts for delisted tickers?

  31. I'm not interested in being helpful, I just wanted to tell you that you're wrong. Use minimal effort I know you can do it.

  32. Continue with your hopium price target. No one will fully know until it’s announced.

  33. Hopium my balls in your mouth. You must be new here or just woefully uninformed considering the players involved.

  34. Missing a zero. Sorry you didn't get in, you fucking miserable loser

  35. All cash would anchor the price to the buyout price while a mix or all share would not

  36. Was redbox all cash? Because the price ran to $27 so it clearly wasn't anchored. I expect this would blow way past that. I'm not sure why you state this so confidently?

  37. Remember that time after the sneeze when we were all waiting for the short interest report, and it was somehow delayed for HOURS, and then they were like BTW guys we calculate it differently now, and then a month later 🐸🍦

  38. Does that not seem slightly concerning? I see some on Twitter but even that's low

  39. Probably buying those shares to cover FTDs today?

  40. Who is selling them millions of shares in premarket? Smells like more can kicking

  41. I'm holding the stock and plan to keep it, but I valued his input. Why? Because you don't get a full sense of a situation when an entire group shares the exact same opinion. You end up with blind spots. We need contrasting views lest we end up in a bubble riding emotions instead of forming critically thought out worldviews.

  42. His input is idiotic and you are an idiot if you believe it

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