What could be done to prevent mass shootings?

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  1. It’s mental how many on the conservative subreddit are trying to convince themselves this was all a set up for publicity

  2. Because OP’s post in general is completely without content

  3. If everyone bought an automatic rifle with enough ammunition to decimate a city people might use them more carefully. Also never forget the good guys always win. Everyone kept saying nuclear weapons should be banned but aren’t we in the most ideal position ever where everyone will die if someone uses a nuclear weapon? I can’t remember feeling more safe…

  4. Let’s see who can burn their own flag in their own country without getting killed

  5. They seem to think spontaneous combustion happens to every tank, not only their pre-Socratic machinery.

  6. And OP is only encouraging their behaviour by spreading their racist tweet

  7. If it’s educational, OP should be able to explain it in the comments right?

  8. Han sympatiserar alltså med anti-Nato demonstranterna som brände Erdogan dockan.

  9. Skillnaden är att vi kan bränna vår egna flagga i protest utan att få dödsstraff

  10. Jag antar att arbetskraven för talesperson för Erdogan inte innefattar att tänka

  11. The comment section looks like a botched circumcision

  12. Makes me regret I didn’t buy 20 years worth of fresh groceries and other foods back then. Would have saved a lot of money.

  13. Jämför vad som skulle hända om man brände den svenska flaggan på svensk mark och den turkiska flaggan på turkisk mark. Vi kan åtminstone demonstrera mot vårat egna land, vilket de på bilden inte kan.

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