1. We're already socializing healthcare. Show up to the ER with a gsw or a stemi I'm just gonna fix it . Sprained ankle too. We're just doing it the least effective way possible

  2. The Hubris of the ED knows no bounds. You're not fixing a stemi unless you're a cardiologist, you more or less triage it

  3. Clearly you never took a logic class in college if you think higher averages on a test in subsequent years = smarter/higher IQ students.

  4. > I imagine this was all coordinated by the AAMC when they changed the MCAT to reduce hard sciences and add sociology.

  5. It is not the same test, it is not the same curve, it is not the same educational milieu (study resources etc). You are not making an apples to apples comparison, and your conclusions are thus faulty. I encourage you to study formal logic.

  6. Well one way you could up the pay is just refuse to do it. Not accepting terrible pay puts admins in the position to have to pay locums, which is more expensive.

  7. Well-adjusted people do not go around discussing cuckolding. Seek help

  8. I make over 250k as a CRNA working 4 days per week, 10 hour days, and 6 weeks off per year. How can you be paid so poorly as a physician?

  9. Are you really this clueless? Taking care of complex inpatients is a money loser. Routine elective surgeries is the only thing keeping the lights on. They need warm bodies to sit the stool or the gravy train stops. I'm at a loss how you can be so ignorant to not know this.

  10. you're not seriously dictating people's preferences on how they're called? i introduce myself by my first name and i'm a woman.. if you're known for being exceedingly good at what you do, the whinging over appellations and formalities ceases to matter

  11. First let's get the shots in arms then ask questions later.

  12. Well-sourced article that's admittedly challenging my understanding of this disease's transmission. This should inform us in how we shape our public messaging.

  13. No, they’re not. But systemic sexism/racism is everywhere in medicine and no one listens to women when they bring it up. So it is on you, as a man, to stand up and call it out.

  14. I'm a woman... not some helpless princess who needs to be rescued from the Big Bad Nurses.

  15. Then what are the men supposed to do?

  16. I dunno, stop trying to make everything about you? No one needs men constantly interjecting in other people's problems so they can mansplain their thoughts.

  17. Yep. The only way a physician is feasibly getting this is by having sex with someone how has it. So it really reeaalllyyy shouldn’t be an issue at work in the ED.

  18. Then explain how there are kids who are contracting monkeypox through household contacts?

  19. I'm saying that people who refuse to follow recommendations for monkey pox only hurt themselves. People who didn't follow covid restrictions hurt innocent people. Someone who doesn't want monkey pox can stop having casual sex and it will very likely keep them safe. People who refuse to wear a mask in the grocery store endangered everyone around them, and the other people wearing masks isn't enough.

  20. We still criticized COVID antivaxxers even though they were largely only hurting themselves.

  21. In June 2020, there was a general consensus in the medical community that BLM protests should not be restricted over Covid concerns. In fact, there was a huge petition at the time signed by myriad medical professionals attesting to this. Your limitations in your personal life did not meet the threshold of societal significance that we deemed merit-worthy to ignore Covid precautions. I'm arguing that LGBT freedoms and way of life are similarly far-reaching and should not be targeted.

  22. Not necessarily that unique of a clinical pearl -- female physicians would be able to answer this too

  23. This spate of violence in hospitals seemingly continues. Unfortunately, this time it originates from someone supposedly advocating for patients. Staffing has always been an issue at the VA, I can only imagine it's particularly noticeable these days.

  24. The unraveling of the social contract, at least in the US. Europe has problems but not like this.

  25. Same thing would be happening in Europe. Except not every Tom, Dick, and Harry has an AR-15 to empower him to do this there.

  26. No, there isn't an epidemic of Swiss gunmen who are kept in check only by virtue of gun control. American society is fundamentally broken and atomized.

  27. The US has become a low-trust society, similar to many third-world countries we like to think we are better than. Go to Japan someday and observe the stark difference.

  28. Dude, I was in a 21 hour ovarian cancer debulking surgery during a core Gyn-onc rotation (OB/Gyn core) when I was a third year med student. Cry me a river from your fucking anesthesia chair.

  29. Yeah we all rotated through Gyn-Onc as med students. What's your point?

  30. Isn't it so cool how only gay people have a window period? Man biology is fucking wild

  31. This is willfully ignorant. A higher level of discourse is expected on

  32. Laziness, partly. Academic attendings typically have to be present for spinal placement, but if the resident is just dosing up the epidural, they can continue to snooze in the call room.

  33. Feel good story from Australia. This is a very big deal for the Aboriginal community, hopefully she will be the first of many.

  34. I'm seeing a lot of synchronous messaging that suggests governments are trying to move past Covid requirements. I even see it on the vaccine front, given the

  35. Interestingly, we can use age and comorbidities to say someone is not a candidate for ECMO. No one worries about a wrongful death suit in that scenario because that's essentially standard of care.

  36. Payment matters, but it matters separately from appropriate medical decisions.

  37. I think his point is that in our system, futile care is especially bad when you can't pay for it and end up burdening others. If you're able to pay for it, then at least in most scenarios, you're only harming yourself.

  38. I'm saying that they experience much less (but not zero) racism than other non-whites. They also start with more resources since they immigrated with said resources.

  39. Again, Asians are being violently attacked at unprecedented rates. Remember how brown people were treated after 9/11? I'm not sure that you can argue that any one group experiences racism more than any other. It's not an "oppression olympics", as they say.

  40. I didn’t say they weren’t victimized. I said less so. And they have more resources to overcome racism.

  41. This is an incredibly poorly supported and illogical argument. I usually expect a higher level of discussion from this sub tbh.

  42. Didn't Florida do this over the summer? They're doing fine, no worse than anywhere else really.

  43. Lets hope the NBA all star game and Bruce Springsteen put an end to this bigotry asap. Children should be free to take hormones and get genital surgery at will. To argue otherwise in 2021 is insanely backwards, and history will not be kind to such intolerance.

  44. What was unprofessional about what I said? I honestly don't see it. This is a mainstream viewpoint.

  45. I'm on the West Coast and the vast majority of the antivax people are of the hippie granola type with kids in Montessori schools. I guess politics is always relevant but I don't think antivax is something that really follows partisanship, as much as we'd like to just blame this on the opposing political team and wipe our hands of it. Sadly, the fundamental problem is with humans themselves.

  46. I don't even make people call me doctor in the hospital. I go by my first name

  47. That's because he was the President. Dr. Biden is actually working in the field for which she obtained her degree, and as First Lady she is essentially always acting in a professional context, so it's appropriate to use her earned title.

  48. The GRE scores of EdD matriculants puts them on par with average high school seniors.

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