1. Yes. I find it hard to express my deepest thoughts, but I don’t have much people to express it to. I don’t want to lose my introspective quality, a diary keeps my thinking sharp.

  2. I said that Albert Camus’ “The Rebel” had very interesting and important points, but are presented kind of incoherently.

  3. I know this might be invasive to read what you wrote but I relate to what you felt, used to. Because looking at it now, the more you’re alone, the more you become thoughtful and negative thoughts starts affecting you. I would overthink everything and anything. That ruined the good things i had. And Its a good step to writing it down because if you can’t talk to anyone, you can talk to your journal without judgement. Try to talk to someone about how you feel or try to find ways that can reduce negative thoughts because once you start letting them in, it’s hard to take them out.

  4. Yes, i do prefer journaling over conversations sometimes, i can just be perfectly transparent without any anxiety about my thoughts

  5. Are you doing therapy bro? I hope you have a good support system in place at least!

  6. Hector is an anti-capitalist, he sees coke as a metaphor for capitalism. As protest, he chooses the most irrelevant soda in the establishment.

  7. It makes for sombre reading, but you have beautiful penmanship.

  8. She’s actually a sweet and down to earth person, more than she is a gangster nancy sinatra

  9. Im trying not to judge people for their preferences, but this person is really testing me

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