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  1. It’s a little tin foily but isn’t most real information about gme like that. cone-poo-share anyone

  2. Gamestop has left plenty of easter eggs over the years. I find this one easy to believe under the circumstances.

  3. The human mind does not generally wish to believe in things that are "inconceivable" unless the brain is at a brainwave state of "transformation" because of the general ideas of the world that has influenced us. It would be shocking and traumatizing to the human mind/body/spirit complex to gain irrefutable proof of an idea such as "God is real and also a group of interdimensional aliens who used to be humans over 40,000 years ago." most people express, within these circles especially, a want to believe. That being said, without a rock bottom or a serious "high" in life, people are perfectly content in simple conforming to what they have been told. Especially if the philosophical ideas are comfortable to the human mind complex, they are not easily detached from their own "truth" that has not been fully explored. You may experience these things without any chemicals or negativity, but this current time/space is not conducive to the brain believing in the Ultimate Truth, which can be reduced to the statement: Love. Basically there is a fine line between crazy and real. If you saw right now, what that person saw within their "high" you are likely to believe something is wrong with you and your Ego would struggle to realize the reasons that distortion happened within your "sober" mind (to your own detriment) as opposed to being able to attribute your experience to a drug or a low emotional point. When a human can be introduced to the mystical slowly, and of their own will due to their searching throughout any of the scientific methods of experimentation, then their mind will not shatter once they have these "magical" experiences while sober or in the waking state of consciousness. Walk in Love.

  4. Beautifully written. Gradual exposure to mysticals is the way

  5. All these positive news don't change the fact that CO2 equivalent concentration in the atmosphere is

  6. True, however we can not forget and not acknowledge the good that is also happening right now in the world.

  7. Look at the upside potential. We can't go down more lol

  8. This is the 10th post with this message today in Superstonk, enough now. Let us enjoy our hype days, we don't give a fuck if anything happens tomorrow

  9. Ehh i still prefer democratic values above china russia and Saudi Arabia. I don't want to get murdered for doing psychedelics.

  10. 1 - 7 is nothing. i hold for 40-60 but if squeeze this could go well beyond bed and bath.

  11. Wut mean is nothing. Whether you sell or not, it's a 700 percent gain

  12. Every fucking company could have created those empty words. Not fudding but this quote doesn't do it for me

  13. I salute you apes. At dawn we ride the croissant of life

  14. It pricked right through the veil of reality. Fucking beautiful, makes me brain go brrrrr

  15. I'm sorry this happened to you. You were fully right in how you felt and the guy should have been removed and banned for crossing boundaries. Terrible facilitators

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