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F/39/5’8” [75.5>60.6=15 kg lost] I am celebrating my 39th birthday, 2 years of body transformation and 15 kg lost! After ending a toxic relationship I questioned myself if it was too late, but being stubborn as a donkey I decided to be in the best shape of my life when I get to 40.

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  1. I’ll try this. This has been happening to me on XSX every time without fail. I reinstalled and still have an issue.

  2. Is she studying grammar? Because I'm pretty sure she's flunking

  3. I always wonder if people actually respond seriously to these posts

  4. I enjoyed these small scenes in the movie, but I always felt they needed to be longer. One of my biggest grips with BvS was that Superman's death was rushed and that the impact it could have had was gone. I felt they should have had people have admiration of Superman have his "kitten out of tree" moments where he just builds the trust in people and maybe not have him die in the 2nd movie. I remember walking out of the movie thinking "did I like this movie?" and that shouldn't have been the case. After rewatching BvS I have come to enjoy a lot of it and feel it's one of the better DCEU movies.

  5. Im having the same issue. I reached out to support today and have a ticket open. They had me take some steps but the issue came back today.

  6. This is good shit. Just a man owning his mistakes and embracing a lifestyle change while remaining humble about his damn good progress thus far.

  7. Thank you so much. Still got some work to do but I'm tryin

  8. I have this same issue and the insinkerators are the only faucets I've found. What did you end up doing?

  9. I ended up getting the Waterdrop G3 and using some Ready Hot Brand water heater and their faucet which has both hot and cold water handles. It was working great for about 6 months. Now the hot water seems to have no pressure. Support from the Ready Hot Brand was not helpful. Even though I bought it as a kit they would only replace one unit at a time and eventually stopped responding to my emails.

  10. Thanks for the speedy reply! This really should be easier. Or they should have better looking options that come with the unit!

  11. Ya. I think I'll eventually look a different hot water tank and faucet but will wait

  12. Coming from someone that's been up and down my entire life, as some other people have said, start with your eating first. A lot of my failures were by doing too much too fast. I would cut an extreme amount and go workout an insane about and by like the end of the week I was so hungry I would just binge and destroy my progress. Spend a couple weeks eating healthier, spend the 2-3 hours a day doing some meal prep for the week, if you can. After doing that for a couple of weeks then slowly start introducing your workout regime and work your way up. I found this to be my best success previously and currently. I'm not training for anything crazy, but just being healthy.

  13. I found that I needed to unplug my adaptor for my headset for it to work. No clue why but it unfroze me!

  14. Ya I noticed that too and mentioned it in my post. Such an odd thing to do. I did notice yesterday it happened and it caused all my audio to be output incorrectly as well

  15. Yes it's happening to me (Series X, Elite v2) and my friend (Series X, Series X controller) and its so frustrating. Have seen no official response.

  16. I thought it was fixed, posted yesterday with no issue. Today froze the times. I'm done with this game until they fix it

  17. Maybe eat more and more strength training so you can build some muscle so you have a higher BMR

  18. College gf's dad loved the Eagles. He played that CD non stop on a 2 day road trip. It's nails on a chalkboard these days.

  19. I used to work at Circuit City right out of high school and we had to listen/watch the Hell Freezes Over tour video all day every day. It was literally the scene from 40 Year old virgin.

  20. Damn, dude went on the Michael Phelps diet first then started practicing lol

  21. What kinda clamps are those in the 2nd picture?

  22. It's some Dewalt ones I got during black friday. They were like $8 each. Want to get some better ones at some point, they work fine though.

  23. At first I thought 'where are the speakers' 😅? That's a very nice and clean install 👍

  24. Perfect theatre room aside, why has nobody mentioned that beautiful Master Chief helmet in the bottom left? 🥰

  25. Great job man. I'm restarted my journey a few weeks back. I hit 365 at my heaviest but down almost 20lbs.

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