1. Find a local shop that repairs axles. You don't have to buy replacements.

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  3. Bro how did you setup the rack ?? I would love to run something similar for when I travel

  4. The lip is from a company in Japan called Aero Workz. I think it's pretty cool with the middle carbon fiber piece.

  5. I's an intake...why would it cause you to fail smog?

  6. I’m usually the hardass when it comes to being responsible about emissions, but unfortunately, some of the more strict smog shops will follow the letter of the law to a tee, and CA smog requirements don’t allow aftermarket intakes without CARB certification. Not having the certification will fail the visual portion of the inspection.

  7. Depends on the previous owners. My car is at 184K miles and I just did a 3000 mile roadtrip. I drive it every day and track a couple times a year. I didn’t worry about the motor for even a second.

  8. The driver side vents will always blow air with the fan off.

  9. The local go kart track won't let me ride without a helmet, yet Nurburgring let's people fly at breakneck speeds without one? Hard to enforce I guess, but really leaving fate in the driver's hands.

  10. It's because the Nurburgring is still a public road. Every now and then you'll see normal traffic on the circuit that people have to go around.

  11. This is an EXCELLENT shot. Archive this.

  12. Slightly regret not taking this with a longer lens to really showcase how big the background scenery is, but happy to hear you think so. Thanks!

  13. OR coast is truly something special maan 🌊🌲

  14. I agree! Took US-101 all the way up from the border, through Newport, and into Tillamook. Would've kept going but we decided to visit Portland instead and drive more directly into Seattle.

  15. Are you sure it's not related to speed instead and not what gear you're in?

  16. Man thank goodness I stumbled over this. I was about to invest in a mish. No turbo for me. Just for show

  17. Is Koyo good? Heard it’s the same as stock.

  18. Which parts? Things bolt on for the most part but compatibility with other parts varies.

  19. His review is pretty clearly positive. Whether or not it's worth buying one is dependent on your use case. If you shoot at 16mm a lot and don't need the range from 24-35mm, this prime lens saves you a lot of money and weight.

  20. If you don't want something off the shelf, buy a Vibrant resonator and muffler and call it a day. 2.5" piping; anything bigger will drone.

  21. I have to ask why you might consider doing that.

  22. Yo Donger! I saw on a thread your tranny build, I have an 06 type s and getting ready to order tranny parts. So far my list has M factory LSD, spoon final gear 5.1 set, Exedy 8.9lbs flywheel, and clutch master FX300 stage 3 clutch kit!

  23. If this car is driven on the street at all, forget the aggressive clutch. OEM Exedy is more than adequate up to something like 300WHP and those “racing” clutches feel and drive awful.

  24. Once again, papa donger with the wisdom we can rely on! So basically, forget the clutch kit/flywheel and stick to OEM, got it. Synchros: OEM, got it.

  25. Nah, keep the lightweight flywheel—Exedy has an OEM clutch kit with the lightened chromoly flywheel that I believe is 9 or 10 pounds. It’s a great combo.

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