1. These guys have been caught fake up voting their own posts. Can't speak for the genetics but that's dodgy as shit

  2. It’s not called fast photos man they just have “fast” flowering times allegedly

  3. We call them fast photos because they have faster flowering times due to being crossed with an autoflower, and when compared to generic photoperiods, I think you should take a read of that page to understand why we have specifics like this and what they actually are. Have a good day bro.

  4. sorry bud, its just a marketing term to sell more seeds. Some plants will flower faster than others, but given seeds have variation in pheno's, you may or may not end up with the fast flower trait.

  5. The next one which is growing the same I am going to leave it and next year I will be better prepared and try lst. I'll upload some new pic of the 2nd one tonight

  6. Fun lil project, will have to give this a go :) Thanks for showing the method!

  7. I did near they're better now so the hear prior 2021 not so much ahaha

  8. Yeah alot of misinformation and fear mongering due to domestic vendors shutting down / being raided, seen rumors about their seeds being white label junk but ive seen alot of good grows and had a great autoflower grow personally.

  9. so mediseedman is legit? planning on using 42fastbuds or herbies. heard some ups and downs about mediseedman . and im growing for the first time as prescribed bud can be expensive and im a young student about to start a diploma

  10. Completely legit, genetics can be hit or miss however. Fastbuds is good too but not sure how reliable they are when it comes to getting stuff into aus.

  11. Looking good dude! Can smell it through my screen

  12. Don't know about this little rock big rock stuff but january is fine for starting autoflowers, just don't expect to get their full potential.

  13. The right soil, right amendments and the right lighting goes a long way :) Or maybe i just got lucky with the pheno!

  14. Nice, there's some good looking colours. There's a patch on the second picture, kind of top right of the bud where it looks a little brown. It could be rot so it's worth checking but it could just be the lighting or me being paranoid for you.

  15. Hey mate thanks for pointing that out, thankfully its just the lighting =) Took a quick look

  16. From what I've seen, mediseedman genetics seem to be very hit or miss. My wedding cake auto is growing really well rn with a good strong stem, but I've seen other grows from mediseedman autos where they've stretched to death or don't veg much.

  17. How many people post grows like that on here? I don't if I'd rule out user error as the cause of death.

  18. Didn't say I was ruling it out, there's just a trend there.

  19. Snorting 2CB, you sure about that? Hurts like a bitch to snort and could ruin the experience ngl better of boofing or filling a gel cap

  20. I'll probably cap it to be honest, but I've been having trouble figuring out what the right dosages are for oral compared to snorting.

  21. Ive been using for a while and I’d say for oral intake 20mg should be perfect, unless you frequently use then I’d say 25mg would work perfect. Ive got 28mg pills and they are perfect for me but sometimes just on the edge of becoming to much

  22. Ahh okay! thanks heaps realistic =) I'll update this post or do a post-trip post once I've done the combo.

  23. A scanner darkly, fear and loathing in las vegas.

  24. Come on man…Unwritten rule of outdoor growing is bag and chop males asap. If you’re unsure if they’ve popped yet, that tells me you’ve not done it before. So why do you even need the pollen?

  25. I’ve never heard that. It’s been a potency issue if anything.

  26. Might be an Australian thing, I hear it alot from older ignorant growers who never learnt how to properly tend and listen to the plant.

  27. I've only ever heard it from auto flower growers while circle jerking about an artificial chip on their shoulder.

  28. Haha yeah they're a fun breed, then you've got the "nAH LiSTEN mAtEY nATURAL sUnliGHT IS tHe Only WAy to gO to ReAlLy EXPERIENCE tHe PLAnT" crowd

  29. You should definitely cover mescaline, It's a pretty underrated drug in my opinion. It gives you a great body high, you can really trip ballz if you start getting over the 500 millergram mark, and compared to other psychedelics the chances of it giving you a bad trip are EXTREMELY low. Much like psilocybin mushrooms you can also grow it yourself which is pretty cool.

  30. This is one I'd love to cover, and do myself!

  31. Sounfs like another psychedsubstance looking to get paid to do drugs.

  32. A lot of smokers I know barely have one reliable dealer, let alone a bunch.

  33. Don't think not calling a dealer who slings chemical weed which can mess you up long term is OTT, it's just a matter of health and having standards.

  34. I'm guessing you're too scared to eat Halloween chocolate too.

  35. Reality check for you: Not everyone lives the same lifestyle as you, I don't know where you're from or what crappy environment you've put yourself in, but most drug users don't take stuff mixed in a bath tub. And judging by how quick you were to take it to the extreme with halloween chocolates of all things, I can tell you're just being arrogant.

  36. Anyone able to give me more info on this here or in DMs? How this affects medical cannabis patients etc..

  37. This appears to only be relevant to CDA Clinic patients for now.

  38. Cheers. Not sure why I'm being downvoted, just wanting to be educated.

  39. Unfortunately despite weed being a very communal drug socially alot of growers (notably older ones) are arrogant about their ways and think one way is best. Completely missing how dynamic plants really are.

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