Chest x-ray of young girl suffering from #1 cause of death in children / adolescents in the U.S.

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  1. Where does committing adultery with a porn star and then committing fraud to cover it up fit into the Babylon Bee's passion play?

  2. I just ordered an open box 420 from Best Buy for $171 so I’m hoping it’s worth it.

  3. I think you might be underestimating how many people actually grow up in places like MM did in the Zombie movies.

  4. Maybe but thats not my point. Having grown up in a 'nice' Illinois suburb, the MM Halloween angle is a bit more shocking. Later!

  5. I do agree with your point. I was just saying that the other scenario is possible as well.

  6. You can get it on dvd. Or used to anyway. It’s also on hbo max right now.

  7. LOL indeed. Nobody's been able to do it yet, and DeSanitize thinks he can. Sometimes you can't buy tickets to this kind of entertainment.

  8. I just don’t get how he thinks stunts like this are going to play out if he wants to run for president. Do they actually… actually not realize that the people he is pandering to, make up a very small portion of the population

  9. I think it is less of an issue with people and more concerned with companies. Will companies really back a DeSantis presidential bid when he has shown he will arbitrarily use his power to punish them?

  10. Yah, it’s more like… will Biden continue to win Arizona, Nevada, Virginia, and Wisconsin . Will he flip Ohio? It seems like it’s no longer purple.

  11. Imho I don’t think Ohio is purple. Unless all these disasters there are going to change peoples minds.

  12. I'm gonna miss Jordan Lawlor and Loic Maurin

  13. I never got to see them. Been watching clips on YouTube for years, so I am kind of bummed. But looking forward to the show anyway.

  14. Members of the french band "Bruit <". All members were tagged in one of the last posts on Kaela's IG

  15. Thanks. I don’t have any social media other than Reddit.

  16. I think it’d be a mistake. I don’t think it’d produce the heat they think it would were they to do it.

  17. Preeeeeety sure Suki is much more than Sokka's crush.

  18. I can’t recall off the top of my head, but it’s near the end.

  19. Gosh, your eyes are better than mine. I was sure it was a textbook entry about Rosa Parks.

  20. No no no… Rosa Parks is still there, it’s just why that’s the problem. /s just in case

  21. Its as simple as that. He thinks he is worth more than his actual value. Any person pushing the narrative of "just pay the man" should never work in the front office of an NFL team.

  22. Luckily it’s just the talking heads saying that and (so far) no one in a front office.

  23. Cant wait for ESPN to report on his Sleep Number and then the talking heads can discuss why thats too soft or too firm for an NFL QB

  24. The fact this could happen is why I’ve sworn off national football media and only follow local.

  25. From a kidney transplant patient, my biggest regret is holding down a job for 20 years...if i was a complete bum and didn't do shit I'd be considered poor and everything for the most part would be paid for as long as I worked just long enough to earn Medicare....

  26. That’s why you see people go to extraordinary lengths with their finances etc to get into nursing homes. Otherwise, they lose everything.

  27. I would assume that this type of insane bill would not fall under that category.

  28. It has to be his speech about Michael in the Myers home to Sheriff Brackett.

  29. Definitely one of my favorite moments especially because despite him being treated like the village idiot Loomis was right about Michael from the beginning, and the town pay the price for it

  30. I loved how they added that part in the H2 tv scene of the hearing and then him going to see Michael in his room. It added so much more depth to their relationship. Also, one of the things I loved about H18 was what they added about Loomis at Michael’s trial and how he wanted to watch him be executed.

  31. I watched BP come up with the Buffalo Bisons and was a big fan. Always paid attention to his career and was so happy he was so solid for the Reds for so long.

  32. This is a frighteningly tough move by McDermott. I hope this is the fire the defense needs bc this guy literally just put his job on the line.

  33. I respect the move though. Putting it all on himself.

  34. Everything I read about McDermott is that he is a workhorse and will put in every extra hour to get the job done. It's nice to see the commitment as a fan but it can easily backfire where errors increase and effectiveness decreases.

  35. Hopefully he can get the most out of the players he’ll have to use. Plus a healthy non-injury plagued team will help as well.

  36. Only good experiences. I've been to three M83 gigs.

  37. How early would you recommend? Let’s say doors are at 6pm

  38. Note: this spot was not intentional, and is after the infamous toss off the cage through the announce table, which was intentional.

  39. On top of the cage breaking, the chair fell on him too.

  40. I agree with the guy who said that he'd rather have one long show than two shorter shows. I know that's the minority opinion, but I don't care how long the show is.

  41. It’s like going to a concert with “co-headliners”. The last is 100% the headliner

  42. On a floppy disc from the mid-90’s, likely not a whole lot. This is interesting though.

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