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  1. Just a center strip with a chin pad and open sides? Dope

  2. only vegas gets to wear them

  3. Gotta think he gets a chance this season as the backup if Elliott struggles right? His numbers down in the A this season are pretty killer

  4. I think an injury to moose is the only way Hugo makes it to the big club this season.

  5. haven't seen it confirmed on daily faceoff, will probably find out at warmups. Elliott hadn't started in 10 days though since Vancouver, but my guess is vasi gets another start before the asg.

  6. I wish I could afford his work on my mask

  7. look into vinyl mask wraps...can probably get something comparable for a tenth of the price

  8. there's alot of ballparks within a 60 minute drive from downtown Sarasota, there's potential to hit 2 games depending on night schedules. traffic is a mess down here currently. I can fill you in more if you have any questions. work down the street from Ed Smith.

  9. How does Bacon for speaker sound?

  10. Bacon for breakfast sounds better.

  11. street park in rosemary district and take a veo scooter down to Bayfront.

  12. They’ll trade him for top tier prospects and try to time things again in the next 3 years. Marlins love timing their prospects

  13. Confession: lived majority of my life in Tampa, especially going towards Lutz…. The hell is OBT?

  14. Orlando's version of Nebraska

  15. Shit, I'm fine with the league and ESPN owning production of the broadcasts, as long as they assign Leah Hextall exclusively to the NBA.

  16. you spelled khl wrong friend.

  17. welcome him to the no comma club

  18. Engine No. 9 is excellent, Dr. BBQ is also near by and worth checking out.

  19. Rays have the uncanny ability to turn nobodies into legit threats on the mound. They'll take some PTBNL off a double A roster named Piddley Wappage or some weird shit, and the next thing you know he's got a sub 2.00 ERA and hes top 5 in whiff% and strikeouts.

  20. Snyder has compiled an arsenal of pitch grips over his tenure as pitching coach and turns out high ceiling starters like no other. it's so much fun to watch.

  21. boo this man! boooooooo

  22. The “Rays model” is a great scapegoat when you play in a dilapidated building in the outskirts of Tampa, FL, but what if you sit in the center on one of the world’s largest media markets? Are tickets to Cubs games now $10 or are they still going to charge fans like they get to see stars?

  23. Cheapest single game Rays ticket on a good day is 30-35 after fees, what are these 10 dollar tickets you speak of.

  24. Our current rotation is Brady Singer, 50 feet of crap, and then a bunch of bums.

  25. yarbs will fit in just fine then

  26. Not to mention that the Cup Final already takes place in early June. Imagine adding even more games and pushing it further into the summer.

  27. I already feel like training camp is too long and starts late, if that was ever an option considered i feel like they cut training camp length down and move up the start of the season to offset the dates. Im not sure how revenue is affected across the league by pidgeon tossing 1 or 2 preseason games for every team though. but I'm sure a couple extra playoff games would make up the difference.

  28. Thank you for making me remember about [this video] (

  29. I laughed way too hard at this.

  30. Boston is hated in Florida probably because there are more Yankees fans there than Rays and Marlins fans lol

  31. nah, we just really hate the red sox. that 08 bench clearing brawl really kicked off that sox hatred, but I think that also propelled that rays team to the WS that year.

  32. Could see the Ducks making a play for him with some incentive or salary retained. Verbeek loves big boys and our only NHL RHD next year is Drysdale.

  33. Anaheim does love our 7th/8th dmen.

  34. zimbear? that thing was the pinnacle of giveaways. also Pat Burrell was the worst FA contract of all time.

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