1. The total lack of historical awareness in this thread about how "Christian" rulers and kingdoms have worked out in the past is astounding to me. We have a king. We have a high priest. He is Christ. Let's not be like Israel under Samuel wanting a king to be like the rest of the nations.

  2. At 19 I'd have given anything to be there. At 43 I'm like, eww. No.

  3. If you're in Canada, they're in stock at Indigo:

  4. Done! Totally worth the rip-off shipping! Thanks!

  5. I had a confirmed order with Amazon last night and they canceled this morning. Can’t find a copy of this in hardcover anywhere now. Anybody seen a place that is still selling them?

  6. I honestly wasn’t sure if that was Ray Romano or Gerald Butler. 50/50 either way.

  7. Like the others are saying. Start with your COE. Then shop around and find a well regarded realtor. Not the one advertising on billboards. One that family and friends have used and rave about. Biggest part of Home buying is being prepared to walk away from a house you love because you can’t afford it. Decide what your limit is and stick to it. Because a house will chew money up and spit it out.

  8. Without an official agreement you don’t have. Icy standing. I’d let her go and just take the life lesson.

  9. Can’t go wrong with Forever Red. Most of the seasons appear to be on YouTube now in pretty decent quality.

  10. Is this all the Boom hardcovers?

  11. I;m still thinking Academy. Like the older rangers are instructors there.

  12. I was pretty sure gun-toters are offered a 20 year retirement?

  13. As long as it’s “covered” 6C retirement. Some armed feds are not 6C.


  15. Thank you. That video solved all of my problems for the week!

  16. He looks pretty legit on my shelf.

  17. They are both very active in the con circuit. I’m sure if it didn’t actively cost them money they would have shown up if they were invited.

  18. Wasn’t there a black and white one similar to this that was on Disney on like Sunday nights?

  19. Wasn’t there like a farm aspect to this? That’s all I can see when I see this picture.

  20. As a kid this movie confused me so much. I had played all the American releases for the games to this point and expected something that fit into any of those worlds. I was just so confused. It could have been any generic sci-fi movie and just not used “final fantasy.”

  21. Don’t get me wrong. I am in the camp that he got scammed. But he wasn’t a “military paramedic.” He was a legit paramedic in DC for several years. And he worked as a contractor in Iraq, I believe.

  22. This has been my assumption.

  23. I had a 1SG once that made a statement. You’re gone in a day, replaced in a week and forgotten in a month.

  24. To be reformed means to be confessional, to affirm one of the historic confessions of faith. Generally as a Baptist, it’s going to the the LBCF 1689.

  25. Very minimal legal help in the air force. They can help with documentation prep and simple legal questions but its after you join.

  26. He’s in process, he’s not there yet.

  27. You can clearly and calmly explain your concerns to your girlfriend, and tell her you won’t be visiting that group anymore.

  28. Can you define what you mean by open or closed communion?

  29. Normal usage means who can participate during communion during worship. Open means that anyone professing can participate. Closed means that only members participate.

  30. I can only speak for my churches, but it’s always been a closed table. Whoever is leading service will transition into communion and be very clear about only members partake.

  31. Don’t look down when you exit the aircraft the first time. Just keep your eyes up and maintain that shuffle.

  32. I feel bad for them. They were a C story from Zeo at best. And they have done their best to really parlay that into some level of con fame. I honestly don’t know that id take a signature or a pic with them for free. There just isn’t any nostalgia there.

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