1. ion even go here but what’s wrong with you

  2. bro loves hopping off albums last second

  3. can't take this mf serious writing that way 🤣

  4. in the same situation as you basically

  5. this the uziawge situation 💀

  6. guys stop sexualizing her you down bad mfs (please i really need this)

  7. your package looks like a goldfish cracker

  8. You can do DNA for Nike safely under £200, although the process of getting your refund may be lengthy and have some obstacles it should still be relatively easy to pull off. Just say you checked in with your neighbours and they don’t have it either and that you’ve waited at your home on the day it said delivered and hadn’t received it.

  9. can i keep making new accounts to do this shit?

  10. my dumbass thought he was tb rep cdg converse LMAO

  11. try not to laugh challenge 💀

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