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  1. Brian Robinson goes over 50 yards total and scores a touchdown, if he plays

  2. I'm betting it will be closer to 3 carries for 8 yards.

  3. I'm always solving sth like select the smiling dog, duck in the water, hairy cat etc kind of captcha. Kinda interesting and easier/faster to complete than the normal traffic lights and select cars/bicycles but still annoying. I have both DNS + browser ad blocking so probably why my experience has been as such.

  4. I run a VPN and always get asked to solve a captcha. Recently I had to pick out dog shaped cookies. They're certainly getting creative

  5. Trying to think of a good target. Maybe Breece 1:1?

  6. Hoping those PEDs actually did something and he goes the fuck off

  7. Surely he's been able to get another cycle or two in during his suspension

  8. Trade him asap, his playoff schedule is trash.

  9. Conner and Gabe Davis just got shipped for Zeke and Pickens in my league. Seems fair enough to me

  10. Salty licorice and it isn't even close.

  11. I just need Gus to chill until I get Swift back

  12. I’m never doing it and I don’t care how bad my other QBs are.

  13. Yup, sitting here with Russ and Carr and I'm not even considering it.

  14. There's already been 2 threads about Pittman this week:

  15. Here's a list of the top 25 TEs in targets per game:

  16. I actually think he's a buy low opportunity right now, sitting at 6th in the league in air yards.

  17. What Kelce owner out there is trading 1:1 for Najee?

  18. The thought of this made me puke in my mouth a little bit

  19. At this point who doesn't have at least 2 starters missing?

  20. I've been lucky. Zero starters have missed time for me yet.

  21. Damn dude, share some of your magical pixie dust with the rest of us

  22. FWIW FootballOutsiders has him at 61% of offensive snaps last week.

  23. No way I sell my Kelce for that. The TE wasteland is hell and I'd rather just chill with my free 15 points per week.

  24. I'm looking at Olave or London over Pittman. Seattle (NO's opponent this week) allows a ton of yards through the air, and Atlanta is playing TB (super stout against the run) and just lost their starting RB. Thursday games give me the willies.

  25. Was the Rutgers team around him really as ass as purported?

  26. My FM is showing, but maybe Jota as a Shadow Striker - dropping deeper centrally when we're out of possession and getting forward to play off Darwin when we have the ball.

  27. Pierce or Melvin. I mean if he's active I likely won't convince myself to sit him, I'm just saying there are things to consider.

  28. I don't own either, but Pierce over Taylor this week is a no-brainer to me.

  29. Hot take. He’s electric. But he’s tiny and a 7th rounder. Be a starter in the league? Maybe. A star? That’s a long shot.

  30. He had one 40 yard "target" that was thrown out of bounds, and the rest were 1 yard down the field. What was the median ADOT?

  31. I don't know the ADoT, but here's a list of all his targets from the game log:

  32. Yeah, dude was a game time decision. His limited action was to be the expected

  33. As a bird fan our line is crushing people. He goes 3 yards without being touched. The weather did make a huge difference. That was his best game in Philly. If I had him I would looking to upgrade.

  34. I sold him and Hopkins before last week for Fat Lenny. Not feeling amazing at the moment, but hoping he's the better play RoS.

  35. Welcome to the Olave Garden, would you like soup or salad motherfuckers?!

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