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  1. Yeah. I asked the clown why she (she is a chick clown) runs away from gay people.

  2. I love this case mainly because it gave Miles a good character development.

  3. So, every person who can see through most of Roger’s disguises are Stan, Steve, Hayley, Francine, Klaus, Jeff, and Toshi.

  4. Kirishima: Two reasons. One, and not to sound racist… you are pink. And reason two… you’re the only girl in our class who would be gutsy enough to willingly get fucked

  5. There is a fine between touching up makeup and actually throwing the actual paint bucket into your face.

  6. This is what overprotective boyfriends are afraid of the most when their girlfriends and her friends are left alone.

  7. Body double? you don't see her face until the cut, still amazing body nonetheless.

  8. I also have this superstition that a body double is in use here.

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