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  1. There haven't been any updates recently (As far as I know) so what are we supposed to do?

  2. I have an internship interview Friday morning and usually, I'd feel nervous but honestly, I feel pretty confident for no good reason.

  3. We have this weird thing where we want to chose our Head of State and have that individual actually be from our country.

  4. I think colonialism, racism and slavery are a lot more distasteful

  5. Did they just boo the silence?

  6. If I was playing for the Arsenal U21's at 15 I would never shut up about it.

  7. I know England is majority white but football is one of the most diverse sports out there. It's pretty insane how all refs have been white and mostly from Manchester in the last 14 years.

  8. Track ID for anyone interested: Kana - Olamide & Wizkid

  9. Saka should definitely grow his hair out and get a beard just like this

  10. I knew that would be one of the first complaint. Options, choices and competition is a good thing. Starlink is already being used in Ukraine, so it battle tested. Based on your statement. It's like a airline company flying to Jamaica and wont offer a business class option because its too expensive. If an individual or business wants to pay for superior service they have every right to.....but it has to be made available or offered.

  11. Competition is good I agree and I wish there was more but Starlink isn't faster nor is it cheaper than the fibre internet Digicel offers. The only place where Starlink would be useful is the same place where most people wouldn't be willing or able to pay $599 USD for the initial setup and $110 USD/month. I'd be interested to see how the business would perform in the Jamaican market though.

  12. No it is the literal opposite. It is overrated. The reason there is so much bad in the world is because the average empathetic person is sticking their proverbial head in the sand to feel happy and not have to see the bad.

  13. Who wants to protest and riot when you're depressed from the constant stream of negative news?

  14. If he’s a Sixth generation Jamaican, where were his people from before that?

  15. I'd pick a random weatherman on some random news broadcaster, and use my powers to slowly make him think he has the ability to perfectly predict things. It would start slowly: I'd match the weather to his forecasts EXACTLY until he (or anyone else, actually) starts realising that his weather predictions are perfectly accurate. I don't know how weathermen are evaluated, but in my mind their predictions are uploaded to software that compares the weather man's forecast to the actual weather and then gives an accuracy percentage score that's measured over time. The average accuracy of this weatherman's predictions would increase with every forecast, and he will start gaining a name in the community. Once he's noticed his newfound prowess, he might start internally thinking that his predictive accuracy is the result of some gift that he has, and he will start testing this hypothesis. Maybe he tweaks the prediction a little bit one day, nothing outrageous, and when his prediction becomes reality, he will start pushing the limits. Cold temperatures on an otherwise sunny day. Freak snow in the summer. The precise moment it will start raining, and the exact moment it will stop. I'll use my powers to make all of his predictions true, until he is beyond doubt that he has the power of foresight. By this time he will have caught the attention of others who have realised what's happening, and before long, he might gain some fame locally, or even nationally. He will become a phenomenon, and specialist and scientist will want to learn his secret. People will start using his extremely accurate predictions to plan their days to the tee. He will be an enigma.

  16. I must be the only one who doesn't hate the idea of short halftime manager interviews

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