1. Man I wish I had an s/o lmao he wouldn’t go a day without his feet being played with.

  2. You understand Music theory but dont know how to use a search engine? Stop wasting our time with pointless questions.

  3. First of all you ignorant swine piece of shit, I’m taking about the stupid building’s location, not music theory. Second, I said the app is terrible, wtf does that have to do with you? And also? Wasting YOUR time? You stupid bitch, have you ever heard of ✨scrolling✨? I’m obviously not here to get a stupid person’s attention like yours. Fuck off and go suck a dick. 🥰

  4. I don't think anyone pay attention on my feet haha

  5. Why not? They’re big! I’m sure they’re great 🤩

  6. Yeah. I hate when people assume that you like stinky or dirty feet just cause you like feet. No one says you like dirty pussy or dick just cause you’re into the genital 🤨

  7. I already replied earlier, but I have to add: Humiliation!

  8. Lol I always share this with people who have a foot fetish, but my ex best female friend had a pretty strong foot fetish herself, so she told me she did introduce it to many dudes. However, she had a fetish for their feet. Similar situation, but flipped around. Super hot!

  9. Your feet are 100% my favorite kind of feet. Love the arches, the toes, the shape… it’s perfect for me

  10. I love all feet as long as their nice lmao. I don’t care what color

  11. I’ve always wanted to worship an arab man’s feet

  12. If someone held a black light to my wife's socks you'd see them from space. I love her feet but when she's not around one sock on my face and cum into the other.

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