1. If someone held a black light to my wife's socks you'd see them from space. I love her feet but when she's not around one sock on my face and cum into the other.

  2. It’s so funny cause I can understand if you like guys overall but women’s feet really are so much nicer in general as a heterosexual man, I know I know it’s not an original statement but women have arches, nicer skin on the soles and much better hygiene. If you were faced with the opportunity to enjoy some perfect female toes and soles, would you try or just be freaked out? - don’t get me wrong, I’m not challenging your sexual preferences whatsoever just curious.

  3. I’m not offended, don’t worry. I’m an open book. But anyway, I can definitely see why you like female feet, but male feet just do it for me. Of course I have high standards for them. I really like them clean and well kept and high arches make me go crazy!! I’ve tried doing stuff with girls before, just not feet. Can’t say it’s for me, but it wasn’t horrible

  4. Flip-flops are absolute drugs. You get almost every inch of the foot, without them being barefoot. Just the sound of them is enough to put me in that heady trance. It's such a struggle to keep a straight face when I hear someone approaching in them.

  5. So it is a similar feeling to me then. I do agree that flip flops for me are like a drug. I immediately get weak and it’s hard to concentrate on anything else, especially if they’re nice lol

  6. WHO would be dumb enough to bail on this??? ♥️

  7. Nothing wrong with that. If you ever want an ego boots for your feet, I’m your guy lol

  8. Ahh that's a shame. Would love to hear what could happen next haha. I hope for you it does happen again though

  9. Hehe well, if it does happen, I’ll post an update lol

  10. Yeah, it took a lot out of me to tell him and I immediately felt embarrassed after. It's definitely been worth it though.

  11. It's been a few months since he has. I do plan to visit him soon as he lives in another city. If I'm being honest, one of the biggest reasons I bought the expensive plane ticket was to get a chance to be at his feet.

  12. Lol nice! Tell him you like to see a guy in flip flops. Maybe he’ll send that 😳

  13. Married people are so lucky. If I had a husband, his feet would never be sore.

  14. I’ve had many similar experiences lol, I love it

  15. Maybe once or twice depending on the pic. They don’t exactly send perfectly framed, posed and lit sole pics, it’s usually just an unflattering quick shot of their tops. The fantasy of worshipping their feet is the bigger turn on for me.

  16. Yeah, for me it’s a lot of the rush of a straight guy actually sending that to ME lol

  17. It’s too bad I can’t be the one to do it 😏

  18. Hehe you’re right. I’d love to be next person to do it ;)

  19. Big. High arches. Well kept toes. I like cleanliness too

  20. I forgot to continue writing this story (which is still ongoing) but will do soon. You can check! (If it doesn't look real for you I can provide more proofs through dm later :))

  21. That was hot! :) hope you share more in the near future!!

  22. I had a teacher who wore Rainbow Sandals almost 90% of the time. He had nice feet too. Could never focus in his class tho, they were too good looking lol 🥵

  23. Oh I would literally have to drop out if this happened to me. Lmao. I’d be too horny for class lmso

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