Building a house for ants

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  1. What if i-reject nila yung cc payment because covered yung CVV? Is that possible?

  2. Build anywhere mod. On console the devs put in the files with a kind of on/off switch for admins.

  3. Ohhh Ive played servers with BuildAnywhere mod but I havent tried extending the watch tower higher than 3F

  4. Pero di ba almost all countries naman nakaka experience ng inflation ngayon? Parang damay damay ang nangyayari ngayon?

  5. Once I said I don't speak English (in French). He replied in French and I said sorry I don't speak French (in English). Blank stare. Convo over lol

  6. How the hell do you login in Reddit with that username???

  7. And I say heeeeeyyy yeah yeah yeah hey yeah yeah, I say heyyy

  8. Check out "Green Hell" if youre interested about this and like to play games

  9. I'm literally reading your comment while taking a dump lol

  10. Breast and thighs. Wait, we're talking about chicken, right?

  11. OnAir does both of those things. Airplane layouts, leasing and buying of player aircraft, FBO management. And the Job market rocks, every airport generates jobs so you can just merc from one air port to the other, or you can get a bunch and setup work orders for you and your employees(Players or AI ). If you set up FBOs in more than one location you and set up something called "regular Routes" Which allow you to play a whole different way too, with passenger interest and queues, quality of the flights ETC.

  12. I actually was able to try OnAir before, I feel the online part is only within your Airline. Not much of other players outside of you airline like FSEconomy's aircraft sale/lease

  13. I’m looking for something similar. Not mentioned is which is actively being developed and improved

  14. Fuck Oh shit Gasp Oh mah gahd What the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

  15. Dapat 3 months old na yung Citi card mo before ka pwede magpa convert to installment. Natanong ko to recently just to be sure since I do it sa BDO ko.

  16. Watched the whole thing waiting for the ants to actually live in it

  17. I think he's the reason why we still have the old iPhone design(iPhone SE) and the old iPad design(9th gen).

  18. My theory is that he's the reason why we still have the old design for iPhones(SE) and the old iPad design(9th gen). I'm guessing the mini will be the new SE, we might get a new design for the iPhone 15 since the 14 design is already out.

  19. Happened to me before. I parked it inside an industrial building. Came back the next day, it was on the roof. I was able to drive the truck back down safely tho

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