1. Yeeesss!! I felt like they were talking about Laura when Belquis was told to find The Other Face of the Moon, then she starts her surches and goes to The Center of America. But Laura's arc fits much more to a Revenge/ punishment Godess than the Shining Side of the Moon

  2. I thought Laura was going to be Hel. In the underworld she remembers her dad whistling a song Mr World did…and we know who mr world really is. Also Cordelia may be Frigg. I think Odin somehow wiped their mind of memories of them being gods.

  3. I’m not making fun of anyone. I’m just realizing I’m old.

  4. I think she is confusing kids with Sharon Smith from the hellions

  5. It’s scene 2 from macho guys Big Dick Show Offs. It has Neil Stevens.

  6. Two dads raising their little nephilim

  7. FF7, Knights of the Round or other materia shenanigans. Either way, mama's boy had no chance in hell.

  8. Knights of the round and 2 mimic materia

  9. Just another weird thing in a tzimisce’s house

  10. Theseus fuck the Minotaur, Minotaur’s sister, and then dumps the sister on an island

  11. I mean that was last week. He really did love his wife and kids. He seems happy riding dragons with his wife

  12. I have a grixis standard deck and a WB explorer deck. What format are you wanting to play?

  13. Also I’m sure the iron throne gave him tetanus

  14. Well in MTG blue does have a mil deck.

  15. Do we think Titania is a mutant? I know Mr Immortal is. But I imagine this is how she's powered in the MCU.

  16. I’m thinking they are going to drop that at the end of the show. They will just casually say she developed her powers as a teen.

  17. I just hear predator x in Connor’s voice from cerebro cast

  18. Oh I thought it was because she was in that secret room that no one could see

  19. Yes of course. But if it were as simple as just fan casting with no ulterior motive then we should be seeing many more.

  20. There is not ulterior motive. Some guy on TikTok said it and KeKe is having a moment now. If you don’t like the fan cast just move on. People are having fun drawing and making art. It’s just people join in together.

  21. That's tougher. Thandiwe Newton would be an amazing Mystique, or Keri Russell or Julia Stiles. Angela Sarafyan would be a good young Destiny, Lara Flynn Boyle might be good for older? I'm all over the place here, I know. I don't have super strong feelings about it because there's a lot of options. Who would you cast?

  22. I kind of want Helen Mirren as Destiny’s voice and I’d cast several actresses as mystique

  23. Nothing is better than the 2012 election where when Fox called Ohio and thus the election for Obama and Karl Rove has an on air freak out and demands that they check their numbers again.

  24. That was great, he was making calls and light threats at the same time, on live tv.

  25. She would be a fun rogue. I would love to see a movie about her and mystique’s brotherhood, since it was more of an adoptive family.

  26. I think it's a valid "turn off": I really, really don't want to involve with children at all. Sorry, but I don't this on my life.

  27. Not wanting kids is not the point. It’s acting like he is the victim for rejecting someone based on that. Either date her or don’t, be and adult and not like a child. Make a decision and live with it.

  28. I mean, it's okay to feel bad about it. It's something this person wasn't expecting and now the person is "heartbroken".

  29. It just seems ridiculous to be sad. You are not sad about the person in front of you…you are just said that they didn’t match the version of who they were in your head.

  30. No thank you, I saw gattaca and recovery looks painful AF

  31. Meanwhile, we're bleeding talent from agencies like the CIA and NSA because we can't/won't issue security clearances to people with marijuana usage.

  32. IRS workers need security clearance, they’re federal workers, but they don’t drug test AFAIK, and I’ve known tons of IRS workers who were druggies.

  33. Well I’ll just say they are going to have an interesting 2023

  34. Don’t let this man plan a party…it’s just going to end in tragedy

  35. On a podcast I listen to the host said the truest thing about Cersei. She is still a 16 year old mean girl. She is smart and can plan very well, but when she is pissed at you she will explode and ignore her plans…and that is what gets her in trouble.

  36. Hmmmm, after reading her chapters, I will have to disagree on her being able to play the game well. She got out manoeuvred by a pretty face who took all the ships and she reinstated the Faith Militant. It was mostly luck.

  37. I felt super bad for Jen. This was harsh. She got told, under oath, that her superhero persona is much, much hotter than regular her. Then she played herself trying to be friends with the cool lawyer. Her new suit better be bangin’ cuz she went thru hell in this episode.

  38. The fact that she was shot down for friendship was more heartbreaking for me.

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