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  1. Why oh why do people still shop MSOs in Maine when there are literally thousands of other options? We only have MSOs in my state. I go to Maine to purposefully avoid the MSOs.

  2. my biggest issue is that it just doesn’t fit on the album at all. every other song has a particular sound that feels like it belongs, this sticks out like a sore thumb on the tracklist

  3. thats like the point though right? its a self aware deviation from his usual style just for 1 track and he slides on it atleast towards the beginning

  4. I was just listening to this and thought the same. Like he set us up for a dope ice/shine/water line and straight changed the subject

  5. not really, he mentions getting grams from maine which is a state known for lighthouses

  6. id say so, as long as you can afford it and you know someone who is selling a horse

  7. First off this album is fucking immaculate. Second off somebody tell me I'm crazy and some dude didn't sample Minecraft music (Moog City) for Lil Wayne to rap over. Truly hope this is the case, I loved every second of it

  8. my new album NBZDY has a few hyperpop songs on it (iwl i cant find the apple link so heres the spotify one)

  9. soz wish i could help with app music, but got a good spotify one with new and old artists, u can browse and look up on app if thats what u use-

  10. Hey Watsky! last time i saw you was in Boston at x infinity! ill be going again to see you this april. think you'll write another book? and will you collab with paak, chinaka, or wax again? what about tiny screens 4?;) your music keeps getting better, killing it man🤟🏼

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