I live on part of an old rice and cotton plantation. I know a slave cemetery is somewhere in the area but no records survive showing precise location. We got a ton of rain a few days ago. This was uncovered by the water after a few feet of erosion

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  1. Amazing! working with leather is so tough, so I’m really impressed by your skills! it came out so well ahh

  2. Wow, I love everything about this? The backdrop is gorgeous, I love how it goes with your glasses too, & the shirt looks so neat and drapes so beautifully!

  3. Super cute! How did you go about making the partitions?

  4. Wow… That was so good I think I need a cigarette after that

  5. Firstly, not a stupid question but a good one!

  6. So cute!! I really love how the colors suit both you and your dad 🥰

  7. I was hit as a kid for my inattentiveness. I have inattentive ADHD which makes me less likely to notice/pay attention to things. One day as a toddler I crossed a busy street without noticing there were cars. My mother grabbed me and hit me so hard I couldn’t hear for like an hour after. That was only the beginning of it, because I kept being hit for a condition I had NO control over.

  8. Joshua Graham pfp + harrassing ppl he disagrees with on the internet, name a better duo

  9. Same as Courier Six. Only they didn't have Doc Mitchel to patch them up.

  10. This seems like the sad truth tbh. I mean if caravaneers are ambushed by opportunistic raiders/thieves it’s very likely couriers face the same dangers :(

  11. I had the same idea, thinking there were other Mojave Express delivery notes, but turns out only 4 and 6 can be found in-game (according to the Wiki). I have to presume the other 4 exist in the New Vegas universe, but I guess if we don’t find them in-game it means their owners just didn’t cross paths with Courier 6 after successfully making the drop.

  12. Oh ! Trop beau, j’ai jamais vu un toutou comme ça, c’est un chien de race ?

  13. I love the way you wear your head-covering! Very pretty indeed❤️

  14. Oh these are so cute!! I’ll definitely look into your shop ❤️

  15. I’d rather people just go back to calling me lazy rather than spending hours cooking up this smarter-than-thou bullshit, what the fuck

  16. This is so funny because I’m crocheting this blanket rn haha, although without the distress lol

  17. I’m doing the one that’s most easily available online, so the first one your find is the one I’m doing basically!

  18. Archaeologist weighing to say that with proper documentation and funding there’s a lot of information “recent” remains have to offer! If there are any surviving relatives and they consent to research then a researcher might look into the remains to look at the person’s health, their diet, their lifestyle. If it is in fact an enslaved person’s remains then they could add to the still relatively fragmented histories of enslaved people in America :)

  19. Oh this looks awesome! This is really inspiring me to try and make something similar 😮‍💨

  20. Oh I have to try this! Thinking of how cute of a stash buster these could be if you strung a few on a garland :3

  21. Wow this is so cute!! Did you follow a pattern?

  22. I left the Star Wars fandom for good partially because of this too, there was a lot of discourse and a lot of over-sexualization which freaked me out a bit. I’ve been super into Fallout and Mass Effect recently but the majority of the fandom feels very… male? Like lots of discussions happen over how hot a character is or how (overtly sexist faction) actually did nothing wrong you guys! Now I just stick to Tumblr and my own friend groups tbh.

  23. Same, same. I’m curious if anyone notices the comments come mostly from other (older) women? Women older than me seem to give me the most commentary about what a shame it is I’m covered up.

  24. I have a theory as to why (older) women are the ones to usually comment on modest dress. Where I live we haven’t had SUPER fundamentalist religious groups for a long time, but the women’s rights to vote came rather late, and with that an influx of “women can wear whatever they want!“-sentiment. Which is fine, obviously.

  25. Yup, and don’t forget the “you’re gonna regret covering your body like that, you’re young you should show it off, don’t be a prude” this is like everyday for me

  26. Man the “don’t be a prude!” Comment really hit me because I hear that pretty often. I’ve had older women make VERY inappropriate comments about my body (“show them off now! Later on everything is gonna sag anyways!”). I’m asexual and sex repulsed so sex is just… not part of my life but people sure do love to correct me and tell me that I SHOULD be having sex anyways which is… very messed up imo

  27. Have you seen a crochet ring? It has a hook or similar on it that will do the same thing you're doing but without the pain or trouble.

  28. Oh wow, I hadn’t heard of those! That’s amazing, it might be what solves my problem 🤞🏻

  29. Everything has already been mentioned in this comments section but I just wanna say omg OP, I really wish I had you as my therapist when I was going to therapy 😭 your patients are very lucky to have someone that cares so much about the little details!

  30. Not gonna lie OP, I’m more invested in this palette being panned than I was in the actual GoT series lol

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