1. If you can find it there a flick called existenz (think that’s how it was spelled) that checks a lot of the boxes described.

  2. The story sounds quite good. Thanks! Did you watched it and what’s you opinion on it?

  3. Yep, used to own it on vhs back in the day. It’s worth it even with the outdated special fx.

  4. Poorly aged due to recent scandals involving non-consensual activities.

  5. It HAS to work that way or it doesn't work at all. If it's not a relative point in space, you'd just end up teleporting to somewhere else in the galaxy since everything is moving.

  6. So then how do you determine the location? Point of release or final resting place of your ropes?

  7. You should limit break 3* and 4* heroes for a few reasons:

  8. Good to have some team depth for war too once you outgrow heroes for attack team.

  9. It’s fine, most of those comments are people running it on a potato

  10. Can of air, stop fapping in the shower lol. It won’t collect moisture any longer

  11. I have my keyboard and mouse on a switch between work pc and mine. It does something similar when I swap over but that’s the only time. Bad usb port??

  12. The one by Raya Lucaria has a spirit spring you can jump on it with and then hit the stones up top to bring it down

  13. Also would like to be able to change the key binding on the map button on pc but didn’t see the option. Super annoying not to be able to click the same button to open and close map.

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