1. "Ain't nothing to it but to do it" -Ronnis Colman

  2. Fill a small container with isopropyl alcohol and salt. Shake aggressively, rinse clean.

  3. Are you using low profile antennas? I've had the same issue until I got higher quality antennas and that solved it. I've heard good things about the sffnoir like OP mentioned.

  4. Maybe cafe vivace although I'm not sure they start that early every night

  5. I miss when it was standard for boards to include these adapters. Never understood why they stopped.

  6. Deeper roots has never let me down. I've heard goods things about Onyx for decaf but haven't tried myself.

  7. Seems fishy. I only use public trackers with PIA VPN and have never got a warning or email or account suspension...or anything

  8. Great photo! Would love to see a version with the iem sideways to line up with the horizon 😀

  9. Would love to put a 4000 series in a new ML and training pc build!

  10. I honestly just assume that when I go to eat at a restaurant, all mashed potato products are made from instant, that all my food was cooked in a microwave from prepacked and premade food (especially food that doesn't specify exactly how it's cooked) unless I physically see it being made, and that the freezer and fridge are putrid. I also assume that the Board of Health is either bribed or incompetent (or both).

  11. Tbh it sounds like you only eat at really sketchy establishments. This is not the norm across the industry.

  12. I would bow in service to the gym, not the other way. idk

  13. Water resistant. It has several coats of mink oil applied but I'm sure with a steady enough rainfall it would start to absorb and saturate the inside. Definitely not a perfect material for long bikepacking trips

  14. I’m glad you posted this. It never dawned on me to do my own bike bags.

  15. Arguably not the most weather resistant material but it's held up on a few bikepacking trips so far.

  16. It's one of my favorite canned carbonated waters. They have flavored ones as well but I just like the flavorless carbonated version.

  17. Am I missing something? Your posts says it costs roughly $5,000, but this guy says $96 and you're like, "Yup"

  18. That's a lot of bike for commuting and gravel IMO but do your thing. The Ogre has 10x100 qr fork I believe. Double check your front hub spec.

  19. Good call. I was confused by 15x100 vs QRx100. Edited my post, I'll be using this for bikepacking trips as well.

  20. You might want to double check your rear hub sizing as well. Surly lists the Ogre as 12 x 142 rear hub, not 12 x 148.

  21. Hm, I thought it was 12x142 or 12x148 with their "gnot-boost" bracket

  22. Now who do we talk to about putting some speed bumps on Madison right by O'bryons bar and grill?

  23. Hey, I am considering buying a second pair of tires for my Cube Attain Road Bike! I want to get a good pair of gravel tires but they have to be 32mm max! What is the go to Gravel tire in this Dimension?

  24. Planning a new gravel build and would love input on my parts choices. I'm still new to scratch builds and tried to go off some industry favorites. I plan on using this for a combination of city commuting through the week and long gravel rides on the weekend.

  25. I’ve only been there a few times. What’s up with the owners?

  26. My wife worked on monmouth near them and on multiple occasions her or her co-workers would be asked to move from their table so the owner or their friends could sit there instead. They would always be really rude anytime they ordered as well. I got the impression they didn't like the business owner they worked for but still not a great way to treat customers.

  27. Cheese waffle. Waffle made by mixing shredded cheese and egg, then using a waffle press. It's delicious and amazing when doing keto.

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