1. Always felt like CFL guys weren’t given a fair shot on some teams

  2. Lots of Tolvanen quotes but my favourite is “I always knew that I had the skill and all the details that they wanted,” Tolvanen said to The Hockey News on Friday. “But you know, I was just getting bottom six (usage) on the fourth line. I felt like if I would have gotten a better opportunity this year, it could have paid off.”

  3. That’s a big disappointment. The pants were so promising

  4. I’m honestly surprised he didn’t go somewhere where he had a better chance at getting starting time down the line. Jags are not leaving Lawrence

  5. Literally been waiting forever. I want to nowwwwww

  6. KSB is a big talent up here. Would suck to lose him as quick as we got him.

  7. Tampa’s lighting on the sleeves are so sick, always been a big fan of the storm jersey. Im probably one of the few that loves the Seattle one, I’m in love with the the bright blue. All blanks but I’m getting them customized soon. A Seattle Jersey gives 31/32 (not buying a Chicago so I’ll be stuck on 31 forever now). Up to 82 jerseys now with 2 more coming.

  8. I think the Seattle jerseys are nice as well, but the lighting jerseys are comically bad.... Maybe that's what kind of makes it good in a way??

  9. The lighting ones are so everywhere and in your face but that’s what makes them so good. The numbers are incredible too, puts the finishing touches on it.

  10. Falcons really loving the CFL players recently

  11. That was frightening to read. This team is so doomed

  12. I found Prime in Canada for $10 CAD a bottle which is about $6 GBP and i passed cause I’ll find it at the actual place they are partnered with for less eventually.

  13. In case you need some hope, I ordered a Panthers Barkov in the first initial sale back on November 20th. Got an email on December 28th that the jersey was in production and was expected to ship by January 3rd, and another email on January 1st that it was ready to ship (together with the UPS tracking number). Hoping it arrives by the end of this week 😎

  14. I still haven’t got any email for my Nashville one.

  15. Nice card I hope that’s just a piece of fluff under the Y

  16. Congratulations! Card looks to be in great shape too! Merry Christmas!

  17. It really is in great shape, first thing I looked at. My Zegras is cut badly so the top has that white stuff

  18. I used to try and do this when we’d play at the local rink. We called it the grim reaper shot

  19. Whether he does it in a game or not, I know one thing. We’re not gonna call it the Bauer.

  20. I really hope it’s that Canes jersey. I really like it and it’s a shame that the game it was meant for got cancelled so it never came out fully.

  21. I loved this season. The winner might be a little odd but overall I loved the wackiness of this season. Such a good cast that made every episode super entertaining. Many many memorable moments and moves. Idk where I’d put it overall but I liked it.

  22. Ehhhhh, he wasn't great this year, infact he was pretty bad. Now a year older and coming off a broken foot.

  23. Exactly how I feel. I little worried about him this season

  24. Why do we only play the Argos once and so late? Usually Grey Cup rematch is early no?

  25. Only played the Argos once last year as well. 2 games in 2 years.

  26. Extra weird this year with it being a GC rematch

  27. Sometimes rooting for this team is worse than a toxic relationship.

  28. Hopefully he gets an actual everyday spot in Seattle cause management here just didn’t like him for some stupid reason. Nice job wasting talent Poile and co.

  29. Thank god we have Cole Smith instead. How many other teams pick a random AHLer to be an NHL regular it’s a pretty special thing really

  30. Right?! Only we play a trash can every night instead of competent NHLer.

  31. Front office has officially gone senile. I cannot comprehend this level of dumb

  32. Literally no words can describe the amount of jaw dropping catches this man made. Never seen someone make the catches he made. I’ll miss him tons :(

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