1. As long as some people think that only they are absolutely right and the opposing side is absolutely wrong, this country has no future and the divisiveness in our society will only get deeper.

  2. Have been leaving overseas for many years without any issues, no military. Navy Federal even sent my new credit cards to my foreign address.

  3. So it debited on the first metro bus because you bought the pass in the morning and it takes 1 business day to work on buses if you replenish/order online.

  4. So how will the 1-day pass work then? I think it is only valid on the day of purchase, I don't see an option to pre-purchase it for a future day.

  5. Any chance either of the buses were Express lines?

  6. The main advantage imo is that you are not constrained to the phone models that are supported for esim.

  7. Thanks for this - kind of puts me off upgrading! Does anyone know what happens if you keep the old mevboost running rather than upgrading? If it all keeps ticking along nicely, I may leave things alone…

  8. Just compile 1.5.0 locally and it will work

  9. Not to mention something might go wrong during distro upgrade and you might have to setup your validator from scratch. I think most of us who haven't upgraded to 22.04 all this time is for this reason alone.

  10. Nothing will go wrong, and a fear of upgrade shouldn’t hold you back. 20.04 to 24.04 isn’t any less “scary”. I’ve updated literally a dozen+ machines to 22.04, zero issues on any of them.

  11. You might be doing this very frequently and have become comfortable but for an average user many thinks can go wrong which can result in downtime and time-consuming re-setups (e.g. see post here from Tralphazzz)

  12. Yup it worked, although I had to get the paid version

  13. If you are not in a rush and not looking for a specific model, ask your friends, relatives, and their friends and relatives. Statistically, one of them will want to sell his/her car within the next few months and you can buy it with some confidence. Run the VIN through carfax and have it inspected by an independent mechanic before you buy it for extra confidence.

  14. What kind of chemicals? Did you report it to the staff?

  15. Does it offer e-file for federal? And the $15 state fee includes e-file?

  16. Wow I am filing for 2 states because of remote work. This year I paid $25 for HR block software + $30 extra state +$40 for e-filing both. With this I would have paid just $30..

  17. Since it's free, what do you have to lose if you just apply and see?

  18. I ordered one within the US and received it in 4 days after placing my order. Regular shipping.

  19. Just did this. Also, if you are lazy, you can calculate how many regular stamps equal the same postage and apply those. You'll still overpay, but you won't 50-100% overpay, and then you don't have to go to the post office.

  20. Yeah that should also be an option. It looks like 1 international stamp = $1.45 so I would need 3 domestic stamps = 3x$0.58 = $1.74.

  21. So in this case how do they collect the penalty?

  22. They will send you a bill in the mail.

  23. Thanks - one more question: can I mitigate the penalty if I file early? (compared to filing close to the state deadline?)

  24. Lol nobody oils a pizza that’s not a thing. It’s from the meat and cheese. And it’s great, but 9.99 is decent for XL but XL kinda sucks for pizza, way too much center and no crust gets all floppy and soggy no matter where it’s from. I wouldn’t say it’s cheapest or best though, Italian place a block away is 7.99 for lg or 15$ for 2 lg 2 toppings and awesome taste and crust.

  25. I didn't initially suggest Costco oils the pizza, that was from OP post.

  26. You lost me at Whole Foods pizza, that’s some gross stuff 🤮 that markets it’s self as healthier. Definitely is not and horrible taste. Americans have control problems (exchanging fat for carbs) not fat problems. Doesn’t matter how “healthy” or carbs or fatty the pizza is if they are eating half of one every other week.

  27. Don't make your judgement based on some reddit comments. Sure these are some datapoints, but the most important thing is to go and see for yourself. Maybe visit a friend who lives there and ask him/her about the things and factors that you consider important.

  28. Never finished it as a kid. But now thanks to everdrive save/load state I will :)

  29. HP bought from Costco in 2020 and Dells bought in 2019 and 2018. Selling them because I'm switching to Macs.

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