All diet, boys.

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  1. Congrats, I don’t give a shit. That doesn’t mean you have a clue about training. I’m not taking advice from anyone with a garbage physique lmao

  2. backspaceshot as in English? Yes, "backshot" as a whole? Yes

  3. backshot To perform a backshot, you gotta screw somebody from behind, bareback. either hole will do. Now, when you pull out instead of blowin it internal-like, and jizz on her back, THAT'S a backshot.

  4. Maturing in the gym is understanding that having days off your diet is more than acceptable and is actually beneficial for both cutting and bulking

  5. 15k calories? I’ve done that multiple times in my life and I didn’t get a billion, where do I claim it?

  6. One thing I would say that one persons impressive numbers is another persons warmup. This goes all the way up. I’m probably in the 95th percentile of worldwide gym weights and I still don’t feel strong because I compare myself to the people who lift more.

  7. Cut to a low enough bodyfat percentage then do a lean bulk. This progress is terrible for 1 year as a beginner, you gained mostly fat. I gained 10kg in my first year and still had abs and veins

  8. If you start bulking when you’re already at a high bodyfat percentage you’re just gonna end up fatter

  9. You’re still gonna put on muscle. Some people will gain fat, some people won’t. I don’t put much fat on regardless of my calories. Some people would. Everyone is different

  10. Wild how much he was spending. If he wants to get in contact I can sort him out double for half and still make a huge profit

  11. Oh, man. Every time I breathed for about a week it felt like I was being stabbed.

  12. Man that sounds horrendous. I’ve never even heard of intercostal muscles. I’ll have to look it up.

  13. I learned that lesson by just doing an extra rep on an overhead dumbell press. 9th felt dodgy figured I only had one more rep and the 10th did my intercoastal muscle. Not even for a pr, just the last exercise of the day and it had me in the most pain I've yet experienced.

  14. Damn that makes me think of all the times I’ve done that one more rep that felt dodgy but nothing ever happened

  15. Just use safety bar at this point I guess if gym doesn't have one I dont think you should risk it just ask for a spot to a friend I guess

  16. That's entirely subjective based on individual body proportions and mobility.

  17. That's my point. But a heel isn't necessary, some people prefer them, some don't.

  18. Judging this guy’s physiology though, he has long femurs so would benefit from heel elevation with stability

  19. Is that your Swedish made penis enlarger pump? I can see the signed credit card receipt

  20. Looking great, keep it up. Which app are you using in the 3rd pic if I may ask.

  21. No idea what that is, but thank you for clarifying.

  22. A body composition scan. It gives you a reading for muscle mass, body fat, etc etc. I would say that they are quite inaccurate and should only be used as a guide. Even level of hydration throws them off

  23. I can lift 130kg for 5 reps, anyone have a good idea of what 1RM I should be aiming for?

  24. You shouldn’t be going for a 1rm imo. They’re pretty pointless outside of competition/ego. Keep adding weight to your 5s until plateau then start working doubles and triples

  25. Nah I’m not going to because I train for hypertrophy, it was just out of interest really.

  26. Not even Arnold could achieve that physique with extra stuff.

  27. Then they should be competing seeing how easy is that.

  28. Sorry I assumed you knew I was joking so carried on your joke. I’m an IFBB pro, ofc I know who bumstead is

  29. Your guy at the gym doesn’t have a clue. Resting for a few seconds is daft. You should rest until you can complete your next set adequately. If you can recover in a few seconds you didn’t do your set hard enough.

  30. I always try to use a spotter for my working sets, if I am not worried about the bar going up on the last reps I am not lifting heavy enough

  31. I disagree to be honest. It depends on your goals. If I’m going for a 1rm then yes but when I’m building strength then my top sets aren’t getting close to failure until the end of a block

  32. The only fun movements hurt as fuck when i do them, squat and deadlift. Weights just going down from week to week now

  33. If they HURT then you’re doing them wrong. If you’re sore then that’s different

  34. I have scholiosis or however you say it in english, doing it sumo helps a lot though

  35. more reps less weight is the way if done correctly, you don't need to be strong to look better than everyone who is stronger than you, you don't need to be bigger unless you want to or for some it might be mental health issues making them feel like they need to be bigger.

  36. I personally disagree. Injuries occur at any weight with bad form and light weight doesn’t mean good form. Learning to move the weight correctly is “the way”. I squat way better with 180 than I do 60 because i can properly brace.

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