1. w protestach nie chodzi o to żeby coś przewrócić lub zdemolować… -.-

  2. aaa, teraz łapie. Rzeczywiście, ostatnio uśmiałem się tak gdy złamałem rękę w 2010 🙂 Dobre 👍🏼

  3. 99% posts here are complaints. But it comes from only 1% of people who plays this game. Most of the people like this game and enjoy playing it.


  5. This is the most tricky feature on this forum. Don’t demand knowledge how to use it from the people 🙃

  6. You all (who complains) don’t understand one thing - the game is free to play which means that YOU ARE THE PRODUCT. You watch ads to be able to play the game. This is the model used widely in the world.

  7. Yeah, I care. More resources is better than less 🙂

  8. I was thinking about the rewards too but I was looking and they aren’t even that good

  9. ‚aren’t even that good’ - it’s subjective. Better those rewards than nothing.

  10. A to nie jest kolejna kalka zachodniego problemu? (sprzeczka o „in Ukraine” vs. „in the Ukraine”)

  11. nie, to zupełnie inny problem.

  12. This is the tricky solution. It’s better to ask strangers in the Internet 🙂

  13. I’m simple man- I see post like this, I downvote! 🙂

  14. I don’t know the Heineken experience but it seems to me it’s a typical tourist trap. Maybe I am biased because I find Heineken disgusting. I did like ‘t IJ brewery. Apparently they give a tour in English too.

  15. Don’t worry man. It’s nice to have your ‘worth nothing’ opinion here. You haven’t been there, you haven’t seen it but still commented. Thanks! 🙃

  16. so you wrote all of this just to inform others that you won’t attack room 5 in CC? Really? Please, keep us updated when you turn on and off the game, what you like to click first and when was last time you played it. We can’t wait for these life changing infos.

  17. I was always 100-120 and after I didnt get Apoc, I got spot in Top 30

  18. I always wondered in the first place why we can see attacks and points of the opponent. Similar modes in other games don't give that opportunity as it's unfair.

  19. The closest analog is War. And it absolutely gives both an attack history and a point total.

  20. nah, I'm not talking about MSF.

  21. I hope to get new saga ASAP! Last time we got so many great teams and this time probably will be the same 🙂

  22. Games algorithms are working that way that they know you need those elements so RNG is not random anymore. They try your patience to finish so you will buy one of their offers. My solution for that is that I always upgrade 3-4 characters at the same time which makes my waiting more bearable to wait. It sucks, I know but this is how Scopely cheats.

  23. Autor jest poetą, pisarzem. Z tego też żyje pisząc książki.

  24. I hate it because after 8 hours of work, 5 days a week, my wrist screams for a help :(

  25. You see, this is a thing about your post:

  26. Not at all, because the amount that they are increasing, the higher levels is insane

  27. it's just your opinion. For me, it's a bigger satisfaction having those high-level characters.

  28. It isn’t just my opinion, many people agree with me that they need to increase the gold earnings. I wish I could get characters super high but I can’t if I want to actually build other teams

  29. I get it because a lot of people also agree with me that this is more fun if you need to choose, make decisions and not have all the characters maxed out. It’s more pleasant and you get more satisfaction from those choices.

  30. Maybe after 3 years I will repeat the question. Are those pedals exist now?

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