Why I Think AMC is a dead cat and the shorts are using it as a volatility hedge against GME.

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  1. Alternative theory: it won't happen. !remindme 8 months

  2. You're completely ignoring Delta exposure and downside risk by holding the stock here. It's like comparing apples to oranges and saying one of the other makes better. Lemonade

  3. The delta exposure is identical. Like I said, the two positions are at the same strike. So for example instead of selling a 30 delta put, you buy 100 shares and sell a 70 delta call. You're long 30 deltas either way.

  4. I'm sorry I guess I missed the same strike part. My bad.

  5. Institutions will pile in with any sign of positive EPS ahead of the big Q4 holiday cycle.

  6. There is news today of some institutions starting to pile in... This gives me wondering what earnings has in store

  7. I've been playing the volatility on GME for some time now, and know a lot about the stock.. Way too much if you ask me. Yes, I'm an ape and I'm active in that community, but I'm one of the ones with a few wrinkles, or so I like to think.

  8. Yeah they just churn the shares. If you watch the chart since August you can see these cycles. The fact is it's becoming more difficult to sustain large bear raids.

  9. Why would all be assigned? I put alerts on my pain threshold (double the premuim) then decide if I need to adjust the put ( I do mostly naked now, and double dip with strangles)

  10. Would you be willing to explain the adjustments you mention here? 4 if up, 3 if flat, 5 if down?

  11. Strangle is just what naturally happens to wheeling when you trade incrementally. Let's say you sell CSP for a stock at strike price $50. The price dips to $49 and it's now itm. You sell another CSP at $45 and let your first one getting assigned, but the second CSP remains and expires otm.

  12. Minor correction. While the options produce a strangle, the entire position would be better described as a (edit) covered strangle. The distinction is important, as the delta of the underlying shares held significantly impacts the profitability of the trade

  13. I believe a collar involves buying a put, not selling.

  14. It's pretty good, but the chain is illiquid and only monthlies

  15. You pick today of all days to try this?

  16. It's a shittier version of a cash secured put because you have to own the shares.

  17. Maybe don’t post something you haven’t read yet? Just a thought, as someone new to this sub I was expecting more curation given the strict posting rules.

  18. A cursory glance at the overwhelming amount of information provided by the original author seem to warrant a potential deeper look at the data and some discussion around it. That's what this stuff is for, so posting that information for us to dig in with the intention of us to simply review and discuss the data provided is of zero negative impact to this sub. In fact, discussing the DD is exactly what the sub is for

  19. yeah, i'm an older cat. A few of the ppl from your sub asked me to post these three posts here specifically, so I obliged.

  20. Can you tell me as a mod who those 3 were privately?

  21. Is there a mobile version of this? Serious question. Looking for an ultra compact monitor for my laptop.

  22. Really not my area, but I'm sure there's enough speculators on here too. I'll be interested to see what you guys come up with

  23. No Volatility is factually not good for selling selling premium lol. Volatility makes options expensive.

  24. I mean, it really depends on your strategy right? If you're selling, say and iron Condor, you won't volatility to be low so that the price doesn't move beyond your profitability zone.

  25. Yeah, I think they're overly complicated and don't have very good premiums anyway.

  26. I haven't looked at the numbers for what you're planning to do, but it seems to me that selling a put leap to afford to sell other puts with an intention to be assigned would be a bad idea, because you would be holding a stock and on the hook to buy more at that strike that you sold on the leaps in a couple years. Sure, you could make money in between on the premium in the stock, but if you're expecting a downturn, wouldn't you want to sell in the money calls as leaps and use that money to finance your CSP wheel in? This way, depending on your CSP strike, you might be in a minimum profit situation if your call strike ends up at or around your CSP assignment strike.

  27. Yeah just asking to see if my idea makes sense or im just an idiot.

  28. So you could do your first leg of the wheel with something like this:

  29. There used to be this effect called “pinning” near expiration where all market makers etc had to delta hedge their options, pushing the price towards a particular strike. It’s not really because the market doesn’t want to pay out, just a “game mechanic”, if you will. It’s not a bug it’s a feature.

  30. Do you know if they hedge risk on nearer dated options more aggressively than longer dated ones or vice versa?

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