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  1. in this season i was thinking real will defeat man city at ethiad with some 3-0+ type scoreline

  2. The fact that there is no more BYJU'S INDIA text makes me happy.

  3. byju's india looked more like india is owned by byjus/byju/byju's or whatever the fuck that is

  4. 10 points for self admit as a cross spammer

  5. No, it's not a crime to cross spam, no, it's not. And 10 points is actually a compliment. No such hostile intentions here.

  6. lol if that's the case then use him he's really good tbh, I got ST Pele and he's not that gr8 for me I am now regretting that why didn't I get CAM Pele

  7. That world cup is the biggest dream of your Tapin Merchant (and every football player) who is recently bottling in Saudi Arab league .. Also Messi is bigger than this sports itself ... Your tongue must confess and head should bow before The God of Football World - LM10 .. The oil club PiSG stopped Messi to do much .. So please stop oinking about The 🐐

  8. If you look at the way these sadhus treat the women in their own family, it is obvious why they want the POCSO act diluted.

  9. bruh literally educated ppl are supporting brij bhushan just because he is from bjp

  10. Not hating virat. But the amount of score he does both for rcb and India, Team often get too reliant on him on top of the order, and when in knockouts if he get out early then whole team collapses.

  11. in last year wc semifinal he made a 50 and put up a good defendable score but yk our bowling smh

  12. Undoubtedly 2015-2018. Very tough to sideline of demarcate any set of period of his career as peak, as very year he's been in touch. Only after 2019 we've witnessed a slump and that too because no 100s were being scored. He has set for himself a level below which even if he's miles ahead of anyone else, would still be considered in a rough patch

  13. i'll not say 2015 was the best of his years (especially in odis where he is the best)

  14. I’m a Madrid fan and I give you a hell of a chance—you have a great fucking team. Is Casemiro still playing well and remaining healthy? I miss that baby faced beauty.

  15. I was going to point out Veira getting injured, Zidane being carded and Henry not finishing the game as why the 06 team was stronger, but it identifies exactly why the 22 team is so ridiculous. The 22 France bench might have been top 5 team at the tournament by itself. That doesn’t even count the players that were injured or weren’t allowed in the team (Benz/Pogba for starters). The fact that Argentina was able to not only win but dominate most of that game is actually remarkable in hindsight.

  16. if zidane and materazzi drama didn't happened italy would have lost that finals

  17. They didn’t even make it to the final nor did they make it far in any Euros competition. To be fair, they should have lost against Brazil. They got an own goal, the referee denied Brazil a penalty (later gave an interview saying he messed up) and Brazil had over 20 shots with Courtois playing the game of his career. That Belgium team was stacked but never made it to the big game.

  18. you have definitely not seen him cry after getting runout in the 2019 wc semi final

  19. I look like a prolapsed anus and I managed to pull a girl from another college. Don't blame your failures on external factors.

  20. it is used to troll the right winger who are blind supporters of bjp and rss

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