1. He could have worn any sneaker in the world and he stuck with those… they must be pretty comfortable.

  2. Andor, Empire Strikes Back, Rogue One… In that order. (Top 3)

  3. How hard is it to shoot someone below the belt? I feel bad for any cop put in this position, but … why shoot him in the neck? Isn’t safer for everyone involved, everyone in a 100 ft radius, for the cop to aim low? Even if he has to unload?

  4. That’s amazing. Can we see pics of the actual hash?

  5. Tickets include camping. when camping sells out the whole show is sold.

  6. 🤷🏼‍♂️. Who cares what we think. I’m really not trying to be mean - I just don’t think you should care what anyone who isn’t smelling/tasting/feeling your hash should think. It def looks good enough, but there is WAY to much emphasis on “looks” in this group when it comes to quality. The fact of the matter is WE HAVE NO IDEA, and you should be especially suspect of anyone who pretends they do.

  7. It gets me so high i get paranoid some times & My heart gets racy af. Havent felt like this in a looong time. Almost like days when i was beginning smoking. But yea, ive made some rosin that looked like shit n it makes me feel good making a product that has eye appeal

  8. Interesting. I’ve been smoking for decades and that exact thing has started happening to me just recently… what’s the strain? Also could just be too hot/too big a dab.

  9. Headie's Hideout has always been my go-to.

  10. Kinda amazed at the amount of people who have never used a car jack before

  11. *hydraulic jack. Most jacks that come with your car are not that nice. Trust me I’ve changed countless tires on a variety of cars in sketchy situations… still never even touched a hydraulic jack until I got my dab press 😂

  12. To the right. Just use ur fingers. Doesn’t take much force at all. The slots on the back of the handle are for that, but u don’t need to use those at all

  13. How do these videos get upvoted so easily? Do people think this is real?

  14. Go to your local head shop. Even if you’re going to buy something electric, go to a brick and mortar. The vast majority (by a long shot) of headshops are “mom n’ pop” operations and could really use your business this holiday season... Bonus points if you buy local glass. 👍🏼

  15. When your favorite artist exposes himself as a total d bag, you shouldn’t be all that surprised when he comes out as a Nazi 15 YEARS LATER….

  16. I don’t understand chromeo as a major fest headliner, even when they were big they weren’t that big. Were they?

  17. Shit maybe I’m just old, but I woulda thought they’re the biggest name on the whole bill 😂. They were def popular (like more than cheese has ever been) when I was in college.

  18. The Dixie Chicks. Takin it old school.

  19. Current Grammy nominated, recently sold out my hometown and had to add another show (which also sold out) Louis CK? That one? 😂

  20. Glassblower here. It took me a good 10 years of pushing these same tanks around to master that move. However, the lady at the welding supply store I used to frequent would do it with ease, despite being SHORTER than tanks she was pushing!! It was an amazing thing to witness.

  21. A lot of people died entirely preventable deaths after choosing not to get vaccinated… so in hindsight, I think they win this one

  22. HISTORY that doesn’t support their worldview.

  23. Bc I spend a good chunk of every morning reading and responding to unimportant, irrelevant, silly Reddit threads…

  24. Assuming u know the clay and what you’re doing there, you should be fine. Just do a test run. Worst case scenario, your glass cracks. My guess is no oven safe clay is getting all that hot anyways, right? What do you typically bake it at?

  25. I live in Akron, I see it all the time! Always forget blimps aren’t that common.

  26. I’m literally just now learning that blimps aren’t common 🤯. I live in Akron, but I’m from Columbus and even growing up - I feel like a Saturday didn’t go by without seeing a blimp (or several?) floating over the horseshoe.

  27. I hate Chris Pratt. He sounds fine though, and this movie looks awesome. The uproar is silly

  28. Let me see if I can find him…. I know I follow someone on IG that makes similar things with matching cups, but his name escapes me at the moment.

  29. Interesting. All these years I thought that ALL Brits were good at acting.

  30. Lemon Slushee is one of my favorite strains in the program, and I have yet to see any of it in rosin form let alone the 3g containers.

  31. They sell “rosin jam”. It’s okay. Not worth the price increase imo.

  32. Wow I just IMDb’d this to see what the guy “who’s ears stick out” was up to these days, and was blown away to find out Angus has never stopped working! He’s in so many things I’ve seen, I just never realized it was him. 😂

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