Jalapeno Popper Sandwich

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  1. This manicotti recipe is Italian sausage with three kinds of cheese, stuffed into pasta then covered with sauce and baked to perfection.

  2. This was sooo good! Bought red onions pickles for the first time just for this. I also added thick imat from Oatly and some guacamole and everything together was excellent, and I could really taste the meat even with all the extra stuff. I love coriander but had never thought about using it on tacos. Clearly the best tacos I’ve ever eaten so thanks for sharing the recipe! I have a small appetite so I usually eat only one taco and that’s it for me. Well I ate three ;) It’s going down in my recipe book :)

  3. These work beautifully using chicken or lamb as well.

  4. These addictive Spanish pork skewers are called pincho morunos because of their fascinating history. The marinade is a delicious blend of spices and they make the perfect tapa!

  5. Looks great, now what to sub for powdered egg whites? Not something the average person keeps in their pantry…

  6. Credit For This Recipe And Image Belongs To Martina Slajerova,

  7. Use up your leftover sourdough (or rye) bread and make a toasty patty melt for dinner.

  8. Credit For This Recipe And Image Belongs To Kate Merker

  9. Credit For This Recipe And Image Belongs To Andrea Wyckof

  10. What’s the difference between these and hash browns?

  11. Nope. The flour and the potato starch (which is a component of many dry powder “egg replacer” products) are binder enough. They’re basically hash browns, but they’re so good! Spent a few years in Germany as a little kid and my family makes these ever since because they’re so tasty. This isn’t even a “veganized” recipe, this is just how you make them! Yum!

  12. This simple pasta recipes combines pasta shells with roasted butternut or kabocha squash and a Parmesan garlic cream sauce and thyme.

  13. This quick and easy Turkish flatbread has a spiced minced beef topping. It's a brilliant way to use beef mince, and tastes great with a drizzle of minted yoghurt.

  14. Credit For This Recipe And Image Belongs To Heather Thomas

  15. The patty. It looks overworked and overcooked. Also dry

  16. That's the best you can come up with. Or you just like making negative comments

  17. This is Reddit. You know that, right? You post stuff, people comment.

  18. Sure. Except most people make positive comments based on their knowledge. Your comment was just meaningless criticism. Obviously you don't cook much

  19. Credit For This Recipe And Image Belongs To Sonja and Alex

  20. Credit For This Recipe And Image Belongs To Aimee Ryan

  21. This hearty soup is easy to make and incredibly budget friendly

  22. Credit For This Recipe And Images Belongs To Emily Bites

  23. Looks great! Thanks for the recipe!

  24. Break out of your pasta routine by subbing in a baked potato in this simple and satisfying dinner for one.

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