1. U missed. But the balls on that guy to grab a bull rush are huge.

  2. I guess you could say...he grabbed the bull by the horns...

  3. My dude, there's 2 people to the side and that's clear as day

  4. They are all directly in front of the bull rush and close enough to be considered a front conal hit, im relating it to your clip because the point you're trying to make is that its false advertising, but its advertised as directly shown. Your enemies need to be directly in front of you.

  5. No, mainly because in season 1 a lot of people were complaining that blocking was OP and people were just blocking and dodging when you tried to grab and punished you because of how slow the grabs were.

  6. Every move in this game has it to where if you predict wrong you will be punished, that was a basic statement for literally any move from grabs to strike attacks.

  7. Hey man I see youre trying to explain. Can you show it please, I would really appreciate someone showing me how to counter it.

  8. Actually thats a very good idea. For the next two days I'm going to record my battles to show people how to counter sumo slap and ill post it here for people to see. Ill try to remember to use all my suggestions in solo so people can see the options you have on dealing with people who use the same move over and over.

  9. Yes, it will be back in the next major update. It had an issue of the landing animation not occurring when you land on the ground after an attack, making it to where you could sumo slap directly after landing which isn't supposed to happen.

  10. At least you won't have to worry about sumo slap lol

  11. They didn't change sumoslap, they just added another problem. The guys with sadistic & sumoslap that don't need chicken can fill their inventories with trash cans instead

  12. The trash cans are to use against the sumo slappers, didn't say they changed sumo slap

  13. Pocket Dimension sounds simultaneously hilarious and useful, the ideal type of perk!

  14. It does sound hilarious but sadly I'm pretty sure we're going to be hearing for weapon nerfs again because of this. Although it will be a good break from hearing people asking for nerfing sumo slap again.

  15. That was some very strong winds blowing...

  16. Where's the all of the above option lol?

  17. I thought that was only for Squads? Roadmap said November. 🤷

  18. Yea, you was right, its coming tomorrow. I should of known they'd do it on a Tuesday or Friday like they usually do.

  19. Or the ever popular "I uninstalled the game months ago. You are all idiots for playing"

  20. Meanwhile they still on this reddit, still playing the game, and one of them showed a video of him playing with the costumes he had to buy for this game. I can't with these guys man lol

  21. Ok so I hate to disagree with you but I'm going to on some points.

  22. You make good points, but the game is less fun for others as well. If you like to play casual, the game is a lot less interesting. You used to be able to get a few wins with strong Jav Tackles, but that time is gone. I used to play with my brother, but he quit cause it has become too sweaty.

  23. Well don't forget there is a match making ranking system so yes players will get better or sweaty as people call them. People have also caused nerfs because people wanted to live longer because jav tackle, super, and diamond crusher were dominating back then and everyone was always using those moves and grabbing power boosters. The same thing is happening with people shifting to the next moves to repeatedly use in season 2 except the balance changes that everyone wanted in season 1 has caused it to where faster moves are better and the slow grabs or high damage moves pretty much require vicious mist to use against good players for the trade off of high damage.

  24. Just a heads up there's been issues of Javelin tackle instantly casting in the air randomly every now and then. Here's one person who posted it.

  25. Still not sure, the developers have not answered yet as far as I'm aware. If you can record it and show them we hopefully could get an answer because I'm curious too. Mainly because dodging is supposed to break all tracking so why sumo slap breaks the rules every now and then.

  26. Way ahead of you, I already made a post about it and I hope we call it one punchline in honor of one punch man lol

  27. The rockets and big swing needs more than just the 1 situational uses they have

  28. Big swing already has its favors near the water it’s just sky rocket that needs something.

  29. Well no, that's what I meant for the 1 use for big swing. The one use is just to be near water to throw but I think it should at least let you wallsplat combo your opponent once so if you're not near water you can still use it for something else

  30. I'm pretty sure all those things will be coming but it could either be an issue of money or in the case of dance moves they are trying not to end up like fortnite where they got sued because of some dance moves so they probably have to find out which ones are safe to use

  31. I would but sadly I don't play as often because of work so those guys would bury me in seconds lol

  32. I had this type of idea around the time the game came out but it was for a story mode because if you look at the names of the body types it gives a hint at what type of fighters they could be and what move sets they would have.

  33. Also, thinking of it; I guess jump throwing would be a good way to bait people into thinking you're gunna sumo slam.

  34. Oh yea, you'll throw them off hard when you grab instead. You're already getting clever with your attacks

  35. Agreed, not sure why its not, I thought I just hadn't seen it yet

  36. If I see him I will not stop till he is defeated by me lol

  37. Bruh, this is amazing. Wish I could've been in the lobby while you were setting this up 😂

  38. Random players kept eating them and making me have to refill the spot lol

  39. They need to tweak sumo slap like how they did punchline, two consecutive sumo slaps will destroy your stamina which gives another opportunity to sumo slap -> wall splat and sumo slap. Or at least make sumo slap more risky to use, drains majority of stamina if you bail out, something!

  40. It does that already with bail out. People just actually use the stamina pods and that's why they last longer with stamina

  41. They needed damage across the board and didn’t make any healing changes to compensate except for meditate. Goes to show meditate wasn’t really a big issue.

  42. Hey its just like I said before they changed meditate. Meditate wasn't the issue, its people avoiding fights and if they have no way to heal they'll either hide or play more defensively.

  43. Lol even the game couldn't keep up with what happened there.

  44. How it would function: It dashes forward quickly in a short straight line to close the grabbing gap between you and your enemy and if it connects to an enemy they will be slammed to the ground for a follow up elbow drop. The purple version will slam the opponent so hard they bounce off the ground and a follow up grab can be made.

  45. Use the screaming from the headless suicide bombers from serious sam and i'm game.

  46. There's alot of kids who play this game sadly and for some reason they come on to reddit too so yea...there will be lots of complaints. I can sympathize on some issues especially if its a situation that isn't supposed to happen according to the game rules or some horrible glitches but then I saw people complaining about jumping and my sympathy went out the window into the unknown...

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