1. Nope, still not displaying as a list. Just a jumbled paragraph

  2. Needs to be html. Try using a convertor like

  3. It worked!! Marry me? I am beyond grateful! I have been messing with this for hours. Let me know if you have a tip jar

  4. Awesome! I really need to setup a tipjar!

  5. That functionality is built into Wordpress, not the theme. However in this case it looks like the theme has modified the process for some reason - so it's best if you reach out to the theme developer.

  6. You can preload a google fonts the same way by using rel="preload" in your link tag.

  7. Ummm what?? More info required.

  8. Nice try, Lions Gate marketing team.

  9. Probably should put that info in the post. Not everyone here lives in the US.

  10. Ye the built-in one is more up-to-date I'd say.

  11. The plugin in the repo actually gets all the beta stuff first, before they’re rolled into Core.

  12. Can’t always fix edge cases, always good to have redundancy

  13. Whilst I’d normally agree with you, read this whole thread. OP was using a nulled plugin so their site was riddled with malware and always throwing 403 errors. That’s why they were looking for a band aid fix to their problem instead of fixing the actual issue.

  14. I might have to if nothing in the ecosystem already exists. Just thought to ask and research before hand.

  15. You suggested it was more than just branding - custom product selection?

  16. For example, in the clients erp system, they may have separate product IDs than the vendor. It may be as simple as another description field in woocommerce

  17. You'd create a custom field in the product post type where the field is made up of two (or more) elements: the client name/code and the description / and maybe even price and anything else that's specific to the client. It's not a simple job - would require custom coding - and plugin wouldn't exist for this I'd imagine.

  18. 992 GT3 OEM rears are 21x12, fronts are 20x9.5.

  19. I wouldn't bother storing PDF's - generate them dynamically. Just store the customer info in your DB.

  20. If you think this is a “standard” sql injection you’ve never seen an injection.

  21. Delete the .htaccess file from the web root folder, then try resaving your permalinks.

  22. I guess i’m looking for lower bars, to make the top of the bike flat like cafe racers are

  23. Install Wordfence and run a scan.

  24. Going to do this once I can even install it. When logged into WP-admin. I click on install plugin then 403 forbidden...

  25. Download Wordfence from the wordpress plugin repository and upload the zip to your server and unzip it into /wp-content/plugins/ folder.

  26. Assuming they're using Woocommerce?

  27. Appreciate the response and the link. Is using React for this feasible in your opinion? If so, does it make more sense to make it a standalone app that authenticates with JWT through the API or should this be built as an actual WordPress plugin?

  28. Up to you. If you're going the React route, you'll need to use the WP REST API.

  29. I'm using this plugin for security, Is word fence better?

  30. Because most bots don't use the normal login URL to get into a site. Changing the URL is commonly known as "security by obscurity" - it doesn't work. They use xmlrpc.php, which should be the first thing you disable on any website

  31. Do you have your TXT SPF record setup?

  32. Yes, it's a regular file that anyone can access.

  33. You need to share your URL for us to be able to help.

  34. That's might be exaclty what I need, thanks I'll look into it ! I hope my pmugin for queries will work too with that...

  35. You're not dealing with a bidirectional relationship though i.e. kits can't belong in an item.

  36. No but Kits are linked to items, is it not the same ?

  37. No, items are linked to kits, they are not the same. In database terminology, it's a One to Many relationship - not bidirectional (many to many). Use the link/code I linked above.

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