1. Married his ex wife’s adopted daughter. There’s decades between their ages and he married her at an age where it’s obvious that their relationship had to have formed during her teenage/prepubescent years.

  2. Thank you. Ofc I didn’t know about any of that shit as a child…BUT now I do

  3. Meanwhile she’s got a filter on and still looks like a character from Antz.

  4. Antz was my movie back in the day. Can’t hardly watch it anymore due to Woody Allen though 🤢

  5. Mark…You’re surrounded by a bunch of almost 40 year old men who are purposely dumbing themselves down to act and sound like they are 23.

  6. It’s definitely steroids since they said workout supplements but didn’t share what it was. Now I feel like Brian, Vishal, and Rishi must be taking them as well.

  7. I think def Vishal. I’m sure Risha won’t even give a fuck bc she doesn’t want to have any babies from him anyway. So it doesn’t matter if he is shooting blanks lol

  8. Things I don’t want to be doing when I’m 38.. unless for my husband. Whoops I said it 🤣

  9. I was going to post and say it as well. She is coming off way TOO hard…like “I’m over Nate”. It’s so cringe. She is trying to be overly sexual to get attention.

  10. Just noticed too! I hope her house finally stopped getting robbed 😬...That's scary af


  12. This is gonna be so much fun to watch! Can we add the show to this sub???

  13. That's what I was thinking too. Hopefully one of the mods can add it as a sub show or something.

  14. She's trying to figure out how to get on this show now...😭👀

  15. Did he have this 5 paragraph essay in his drafts?

  16. I wholeheartedly disagree that he was more emotionally or sexually into her. I'm certain the whole tv show scammer persona has become a jaded one for him; he knows he doesn't have to put in the same effort to get the same result.

  17. "Her face ain't much...but it's honest work".

  18. Well, the same thing did happen to Charlemagne. Greg tried to attack Charlemagne and Wax had to pretty much beat the breaks off of Greg..."THIS IS GOD"...

  19. And going to be offended if the alligator doesn't write them a personal thank you letter afterwards. Thanks a lot Ken! Now I gotta refreeze myself dickhead 🙄

  20. Yep. And he still had the audacity to tell Darcey to take hers off before bed 🤣

  21. Sending everyone light and love today...and everyday ❤️. You matter. Your life matters. Your purpose on this planet matters.

  22. I just got dumped on Friday and I’m hella hurting. Im just done. I don’t think I’ll ever find this joy…

  23. Let's not give it hope quite yet my internet friend 🥺

  24. Just randomly stumbled upon it on Twitter. I had never seen this couple before...his answer was just so beautiful though. couldn't help but post it.

  25. The munchies be whipping my ass though. Can only do edibles like 1-2 a week max.

  26. Content I signed up for. Popcorns please!

  27. i'm the opposite, i'm fucking UNSTOPPABLE at mario party when im high

  28. I regularly suck at video games, but stoned, I am a god. Never figured out why, just the way it is.

  29. My parents split after 33 years of marriage, my father was with someone else and my mother never found anyone and I never cared for the new 'girlfriend' but now that they are gone I am happy I honored them while they were living, I hope the Roloff kids can do the same.

  30. I can understand that as well. I’m not no contact with this parent and I don’t talk bad about them to the family. The relationship is just really non existent. I’m sure we both can do more on both of our ends to try to get closer. It’s been a distant 3-4 years though.

  31. I've been no contact with my father for a couple of months now & it really sucks. The dream of having a dad that cared will never come true. I was actually watching some older episodes on my dads bday recently just to be mad at someone elses dad for a change.😅

  32. I get that 100%. Like this person literally birthed me…and sadly even my coworkers know me better than they do. Damn 😳

  33. You guys are acting like you'd be ok with that if you were in his position 🤡

  34. I'd be pissed...but not enough to air out my wife in front of other couples on national TV.

  35. Yaaas! Now write it down and submit the script for the next season to TLC!

  36. For real. Bc this shit is 80% fake anyway. Tell the production company to let me in that writer's rooms! I'm great with my pen 🔏👀😂

  37. I seriously doubt it. It doesn’t even make sense. If Mahadi was Usman’s son and his brother and his wife raising are him, that means he abandoned his responsibility. Why would his family push him to have more kids?

  38. How do we know Usman "abandoned" his child? Most of the time they are in hotels. He could be mostly present and it's just not shown.

  39. Honestly as a twelve year restaurant manager (just got out of the business) I’m eternally grateful for everyone out here not only hitting us with the PSAs, but largely getting their information right as well.

  40. Man, I got a household of 6. Our grocery bill is $700/month. I spent a decent amount of money on that food. Also, I don't have to cook for a few days which saves me time after work. We 'bout to eat on this food until every last macarroni noodle is gone.

  41. Wishing you luck my internet friend! 🤞🫶

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