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Staring into the abyss and it's staring right back

  1. I mean starting every day 6am, finish 11/12 and spend the rest of the day on whatever you want. Reading books, going to beach, study doesn't sound too bad to me

  2. I think this would be a much more natural thing for the human body, and possibly healthier 😊 not so much need for the full days of recovery. The tricky bit would be organising social life, like trips on the weekend that can take longer.

  3. Clivia are expensive to buy and these ones look healthy and beautiful. I like this garden as is. Only thing I would add is lights for night.

  4. Sometime the soil has residue herbicide/pesticide which can cause this. Tomatoes are very sensitive to it.

  5. We need to make universities responsible for providing housing for every single student the enrol who has to move - national or international.

  6. I can see how this type of attitude could lead to abusive relationships and poor mental health. Interesting that they don’t teach and emphasise how to have healthy relationships or focus on the science behind how vaccinations work. The vaccines cover 4-9 different HPV strains depending on which one you get. There are over 100 different HPV strains. That’s without looking into the efficacy of the vaccine. Such narrow and concrete thinking has potential to cause more harm to a person than be useful and helpful advice.

  7. Fair enough. As a woman who’s been in this situation on trains before and know how scary it is, I missed the joke.

  8. Yeah sexist/racist or other jokes that target certain demographics go over my head too. Culture often affects what we find humorous after all.

  9. How is a biblical joke like the one above racist or sexist? It’s obscure and not terribly funny but it’s in no way offensive.

  10. One needs to have an understanding of the religion to understand the joke. Not saying it was, just saying that culture plays a big part in what people find humorous.

  11. Thank you, very relatable. Somehow even funnier because of the word "nordic walking".

  12. At least there is eye contact. In many places people would just walk past completely ignoring the other person.

  13. To me the random/accidental eye contact when walking past someone feels like a failure. Like acknowledging that you had the chance to acknowledge the other person, but just failing or declining to do so. Better to just ignore, feels more neutral.

  14. It’s true that in the areas with lots of people it’s impossible to acknowledge everyone and I agree that simply being, without acknowledging, is fine.

  15. You have put your finger on the problem with your question, because my answers are all over the place. :D

  16. You could even try tropical vertical gardens but they are more $$ than a trellis and climber.

  17. Hot take as someone who has bounced between a healthy weight and obese back and forth for a decade:

  18. There totally needs to be a shift in our society. I was hoping that would happen after the pandemic but it looks like the people in charge are all keen to get bums back in seats and sacrificing peoples health for profits. Sad.

  19. Sacrificing health or just people for profit has been the modus operandi since pretty much the industrial revolution. We still use the same systems, but we've reduced it down to a more "tolerable" form, instead of 12-16 hour days and coal miners lung barely able to afford new boots, it's 7-10 hour days and premature heart disease barely able to afford a second hand car. It's the norm in so many realms to sacrifice sleep, meals, personally meaningful things, to oblige some arbitrary job requirements. We have a large vocabulary for the mental side of things now too, which is a whole new dimension to everything.

  20. Totally. It’s a depressing read but not much has changed since Emile Zola wrote Germinal. It’s frustrating because people in education know that the format is not as effective as it could be since it uses an industrialised approach to “produce a standard student readying them for a factory work setting”. Skipped meals and/or lack of sleep catch up to the body and companies don’t compensate well enough to justify the complications that arise from that. I personally have started putting my health before unreasonable working requirements. I have found it’s much better to resign and end the abuse than continue a toxic cycle.

  21. Might have a chat with the landscaper or head to an irrigation shop. I imagine there ould he one, just never needed to look for it.

  22. I believe I just have a different approach, since I don't need most of those things. TV remote, news paper, etc.

  23. Not to mention gps… try driving around a city without it. Becomes a safety issue.

  24. Designer furniture is.... Very expensive. After trying to sell my 5,000 couch and ending up with 150 I'm quite bitter

  25. People are so used to picking up couches for free or really cheap. Kinda like pianos. Where did you try to sell it? That might have impacted it if it was an antique type couch. I tried buying the stuff that I wanted second hand but it was just as expensive due to “Cool factor” from it being old.

  26. What Helsinki firm was that? If it was Niemi, they are about the most expensive, if good.

  27. Niemi is who we went with, they do door to door which is helpful.

  28. Thank you. Any idea what concentration of glyphosate is required?

  29. Just make sure it’s not sharing a root system with any neighbouring plants

  30. Ooh, I am in that area and would like to buy a gravel bike and join a group. I haven’t yet but I am very keen to hear the answers here.

  31. In NSW at least they need the person to write in the envelope “person no longer at this address - RTS” it needs to have the bit stating the person is no longer at the address apparently. Not sure how true it is but that’s what I was told.

  32. Thanks for such a descriptive reply. I haven’t played before and it sounds like it would be fun 😊

  33. it's what every human being needs no matter how old you are. Unfortunately, genuine friendship in an urbanised society seems less easy to form, especially as you age.

  34. Very much so. Friendships and networks are highly important and I think undervalued by our culture. I am hoping to be part of a community within this big-ish city. Surely it’s possible?!

  35. You know ur meant to cook those croissants too. What a rip. Keep wondering why I was feeling funny after eating them lol

  36. Oh wow!! I bought them as a work lunch one day out of desperation and couldn’t work out what was off about them. I had microwaved them with cheese and ham. Ended up throwing the rest out because they tasty kinda sweet and gluggy.

  37. I imagine microwaving probably helps but yeah they say on them to bake first time which is why they taste so gluggy lol

  38. Ok I kinda understand. I cover the whole thing in one color? Am I getting this right.

  39. I am not sure if a lighter or darker colour is better as the first coat - will leave that to you.

  40. Wife just went through a full hysterectomy in Dec for the same thing. Her light at the end of the painful recovery tunnel was “no more periods”.

  41. I am surprised they didn’t tell you “it’s all in your head” like I have been told several times when trying to solve a genuine issue.

  42. AI have one which is on our balcony and I am worried it’s not getting enough sun. The figs and ferns are very happy though.

  43. Haha wow I hope you learnt that those people aren’t people you want to associate with they sound narrow minded and horrible

  44. I have learned that now that I have graduated and moved on in life, yes. Hahaha. Funny looking back how much it bothered me at the time.

  45. Haha I can relate so many things that use to bother me then I legit laugh at now…. Cool what growing up and life experiences teach you

  46. Oh your are right. At 13 seconds I think the camera does something strange which made it look like a bum crack, haha.

  47. I think it is the night vision, sometimes it has a tendency to look thru clothes

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