1. They've touched a lot of camera's thru a lot of fences 🎸🦅🚬

  2. Can someone say something intelligent for once...

  3. Gonna be hard to do much on a steady diet of bullshit...

  4. This is a cumtown sketch come to life. That's beautiful brother

  5. Her arm would both dislocate and bruise within seconds. Bag of skin

  6. Holy fuck, 92% on Rotten Tomatoes. 43% Audience score. Interesting

  7. Maybe look into this thing called Pussy. Low risk investment

  8. Would love to watch him start coughing and just choke to death lol

  9. I could give a fuck about upvotes. I just wanted to let you know your giant pussy is hanging out and everyone can see it…

  10. Hahaha sure sure. Keep bitching it's beautiful

  11. Right, you’re the cool one now, right? And I’m the one crying because a producer left/was let go of a podcast I listen too… right?

  12. Aaand you keep digging a deeper hole. Should I hand you a lantern for your travels?

  13. Yeah he basically is no trying to tell us how to react and framing it to attempt some damage control. NPD out in full force

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